1982 Chevrolet Corvette

Addison, IL 60101
United States

1982 Chevrolet Corvette
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Stock #307 Only 25,407 Corvettes were ever produced this year! Last year of this Generation. Here is a known fact DID YOU KNOW: Sometimes, it’s all in the details… In the 1982 Corvette, console mounted clocks were quartz units and had the word “QUARTZ” printed on the face of the clock. While this may seem a small detail to most, this is nonetheless a unique characteristic of the 1982 Corvette. While the 1980 and 1981 Corvettes had console mounted clocks, they were not quartz units and were .....
therefore not labeled as such, making the “QUARTZ” clock a defining characteristic of the last model of the C3 Corvettes. The Cross-Fire Injection system was developed for the fourth-generation Corvette, but was actually introduced in the 1982 Corvette. The new CCC was capable of making eighty adjustments per second (compared to just ten adjustments per second on earlier versions of the system). The fuel delivery system was given the name “Cross Fire Injection.” The “Cross Fire” 350 was given the engine designation L83, and was rated at a respectable 200 bhp at 4,800 rpm, which was a 10 horsepower increase over the 1981 Corvette’s L81 engine. The engine also delivered a peak torque of 285lbs/ft at 2,800 rpms. While neither of these numbers was overly impressive, the modest increases in horsepower and torque was still an improvement over the 1981 Corvette. More important, though, was the fact that this horsepower increase was achieved while emission outputs were reduced at the same time. Interestingly, the L83 engine was the only engine offered to consumers during production of the 1982 Corvette. Similarly, only a single transmission option was offered in 1982. While a manual gearbox had been available in every Corvette built since 1955, the 1982 Corvette was only offered with a standard four-speed automatic Designated 700-R4, the four-speed automatic was basically a variation of the three-speed Turbo-Hydra-Matic with a long striding overdrive fourth gear added on. The 700-R4 automatic was electronically linked to the car’s ECM (Engine Control Module). Shifts and the torque converter’s lockup clutch feature were precisely controlled by the ECM, depending on varying speed and load data inputs. As before, there was a torque converter lockup effective on all forward gears except first. It used a higher first gear ratio (3.07:1) for improved acceleration. This synchronization between transmission and ECM was one of the most advanced setups ever developed for use in any Corvette to that point. Other mechanical changes to the 1982 Corvette included the addition of an in-tank electric fuel pump as well as a new fuel metering system which included a positive fuel cutoff to prevent engine run-on (dieseling.) A new solenoid-operated trap door was installed in the hood that opened at full throttle to allowed the engine to “breathe” better. The charcoal air filtering element of the 1981 model was replaced with a paper element. The exhaust system was extensively redesigned around a significantly smaller and lighter catalytic converter. The exhaust pipes leading into the converter were redesigned to deliver hotter exhaust gases to the converter to increase its efficiency. Known facts about tis Corvette Beautiful fully gone threw 1982 corvette. runs and drives great. shifts smooth. professionally repainted (8 out of 10) minor chips. full tune up,new ignition,, new water pump,alternator, ac compressor,power steering pump, stainless factory exhaust. retro sound bluetooth stereo with new speakers. complete new interior ( door panels, carpet,seats, dash pad). Color matched t tops. comes with mirrored t tops but they need to be re-mirrored. This is a great car that's ready to enjoy. All gauges work except the speedo just recently stopped working(cable melted on exhaust) ac needs to be charged.(haven't charged since installing the new compressor). please feel free to contact me with any questions
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