1985 Duesenberg II SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton

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1985 Duesenberg
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This 1985 Duesenberg II SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton is an impeccably built full scale replica with fantastic modern amenities that makes it a wonderful car for summer day cruising! Few cars in American automotive history have achieved the notoriety, and subsequent collectibility, of the Duesenberg. Originating from modest beginnings as carriage and bicycle builders around the turn of the 20th century, Fred and Augie Duesenberg set their sights on the then-emerging market of automobile and engine .....
manufacturing when they incorporated their Duesenberg Motor Company in 1913. The Duesenberg brothers always had an interest in building high performance engines and achieved notable success racing their creations in the 1920s. Despite their success on the racetrack, the Duesenbergs seemed to always be plagued by production issues and business problems, which hampered their ability to produce the cars at a profit. In 1926, E.L. Cord purchased the Duesenberg Motor Company, renaming it ""Duesenberg Inc."" and tasking Fred Duesenberg with producing a namesake super car. On December 1, 1928, Duesenberg debuted its Model J at the New York Automobile Salon. The Model J was perhaps the most famous Duesenberg known for its big footprint, gorgeous look, tremendous speed, and incredibly high price. Of course, the timing couldn't have been much worse for a high-end performance car with the Wall Street crash occurring 1929 and subsequent Great Depression. Although the Duesenberg Model J was a status symbol for the rich and famous in the 30s, the company was no more by 1937. In the years and decades that followed the end of Duesenberg, several revival attempts were made. One such attempt to revive the great Duesenbergs of the pre-war era was undertaken by the Elite Heritage Motors Corp. of Elroy, Wisconsin. Known as the Duesenberg II, the Elite Heritage Motors rendition was an extremely well-built, scale replica of the Duesenberg built on a Ford chassis with a Ford powerplant and running gear. Unlike virtually all neoclassic replicas, the Duesenberg II was built with steel-reinforced fiberglass making the bodies particularly robust and sturdy. Due to their impeccable build quality, the Duesenberg II wer an expensive hand-crafted cars when new and remain some of the most desirable and collectible professionally-built neoclassical replicas today. Under the hood on this Duesy II is a 351 Cubic Inch Ford V8 engine paired with a single 2 barrel carburetor. The 351 V8 is mated to a C6 Automatic Transmission ensuring that just about anybody can take this Duesenberg II for a spin around the block. Being that the Duesenberg II was a modern build, it comes with many desirable options beyond what was available on the pre-war Duesenbergs. With power steering, maneuvering this Duesenberg replica in and out of tight spaces at the local car show is a breeze and the overall driving experience is much improved. Power front disc brakes makes bringing this Dual Cowl Phaeton to a complete stop much easier as well. Dual side-mounted spare tires with side view mirrors, a rear mounted trunk, and rear luggage rack are welcome additions as well and add to the period look of this Duesenberg II. The chrome and brightwork around the exterior of this Phaeton are in fantastic condition and show particularly well. The beige convertible top and glass back window are in wonderful condition as well. The fiberglass body is in great shape and is finished in a black and silver two-tone paint scheme giving this car a truly classy exterior appearance. A set of wide whitewalls mounted on wire wheels complete the classic exterior look of the car. The interior on this Duesenberg II is absolutely stunning! The front and rear bench seats, and the door panels, are upholstered in burgundy leather and have a fantastic look. The steering wheel and engine turned dash appear to be in their stock configuration and are in wonderful condition. The dash is equipped with a 160 MPH speedometer, 6,000 RPM tachometer, amp gauge, oil pressure gauge, temperature gauge, fuel gauge, clock and altimeter, and an AM/FM/Cassette entertainment system is mounted neatly under the dash. Whether you're adding to your existing collection or you're buying your first neoclassic car, this 1985 Duesenberg II SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton would make an excellent choice. Give us a call today!

*351 Cu. In. V8
*Single 2 Barrel Carburetor
*C6 Automatic Transmission
*Power Front Disc Brakes
*Power Steering
*1 of 26 Dual Cowl Phaetons Produced
*Hand Crafted by Elite Heritage Motors Corp. of Elroy, WI
*Red Leather Bench Seat Interior
*Black & Silver Exterior
*Tan Cloth Convertible Top
*Wire Wheels w/ Wide Whitewall Tires
*Odometer Reads: 3,665 Miles
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Rogers MN 55374
United States
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