1985 Mercedes-Benz 500SEL

Phoenix, AZ 85204
United States

1985 Mercedes-Benz
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The best way to make a memorable entrance is always in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. With its proper maintenance file, fuel-injected V8 power, loaded interior, and stylish two-tone exterior, this 1985 Mercedes-Benz 500 SEL long-wheelbase sedan not only proves that you have vintage taste, but also that you belong at the top of the hierarchy.

The S-Class has been a long-standing symbol that a big shot has arrived on the scene. It's not ego-driven or a bad thing, it's just a fact when a .....
flagship Benz is around, there's usually someone you want to know riding inside. That's especially true when it comes to a well-presented classic example. After all, a well-presented long-standing status symbol like this makes you look well-established even if you just picked it up yesterday. This W26 Series had a terrific sense of style. The glossy black paint will remind you of a grand piano because of how good it looks on the Benz's sturdy lines. And it's joined by a tasteful gray on the lower portion and door mirrors. This serves as a nice midway point between the black upper section and the upgraded high-polish silver alloys. There's even a full-length tan pinstripe that shows off the straightness of the panels and draws attention to the road-owning size of this long-wheelbase sedan. And speaking of owning the road, we love that this Mercedes loves to be a proper driver. Not only does that mean nothing on this car is so over-done that you'll be afraid to drive it, but also they actively invested in this one to keep it solid. We have a receipt file stretching back to 2016 documenting about $23k invested in this sedan. It's even riding on a brand-new set of Falken tires.

The tan pinstripe outside also gets you ready for the tan leather interior - always a sign of a classy build. This interior has a well-respected style, and that's because the S-Class set a benchmark for luxury, and so the right people maintained them correctly because a classic Benz can be more accommodating than some much newer cars. You have features like power front seats with memory function, heated seats, power windows, power locks, cruise control, power steering, air conditioning, and a power sunroof. Mercedes also utilized the S-Class as the showcase for their latest safety pieces, so you also get features not everyone got decades ago, like the driver's airbag and anti-lock brakes. And additions like the AM/FM/CD stereo with USB input and a backup camera are nice upgrades to keep this a proper cruiser. Plus, when you see the amount of rear legroom in this SEL version, you may just want to get a chauffeur.

With a sedan that looks so authentic and preserved thus far, it's great to lift the hood and see such a tidy and stock engine bay. Power comes from the correct-style 5.0-liter fuel-injected V8. There's a deep well of torque to make the big sedan feel quick from a standstill and light on its feet. The four-speed automatic transmission is the perfect companion to flex its German muscles when it wants, and then it settles back into overdrive luxury immediately. The fully independent suspension that soaks up bumps like a hovercraft, and four-wheel power disc brakes give you firm control when you need it.

The sale comes complete with the owner's manual and maintenance records. This S-Class has a terrific price where you get an impressive kind of cruiser today, and the ability to budget to keep it as comfortable as you like for years to come. That makes for an attractive way to own a symbol of established luxury. Call today!!!

Phoenix AZ 85204
United States
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