1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce Gradute

Phoenix, AZ 85204
United States

1986 Alfa Romeo
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This 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce Graduate has beauty, nimbleness, and an irresistible Italian flair. It's an affordable icon that has a low-mileage and a well-maintained feel that will make you want to search for the best roads on every trip.

An Italian car always looks terrific in red. This bold color and the beautiful lines penned by Pininfarina made it so memorable from the movie The Graduate. In fact, the car was such a memorable star that Alfa Romeo even made a special .....
trim of the Spider. This was considered a simpler car, and part of that point was to turn back the clock. After all, there are about 20 years separating this car and the movie. So they toned down the flair to get the car back to its essence. This one really takes that preserved spirit to heart with its low mileage - only averaging about 1,200 miles annually. The red paint even shows the right signs of being the factory application. It is bright and lightly aged, which still makes for a nice contrast against the black bumpers, spoiler, and roof, for a subtle two-tone. It makes for a car with a clean and complete look, but you also won't hesitate to spend hours zooming up coastal roads just like Ben Braddock did.

The black folding roof goes back with just an easy motion you can do from the driver's seat. It means you can open this one up on a whim, and so it's easy to share the stylish black interior with the world. Just like the exterior, this has a good look and a driver-ready style. You'll even appreciate the little things like the working dome light and snug-fitting convertible boot. And when you slip into the driver's bucket seat, you can really feel the pulse of this car. The grip of the three-spoke sports steering wheel, the ideal position of the gearstick, and the clean Jaeger readouts get your heart pumping a bit faster. One of the reasons why we like the Graduate trim (besides the name) is because they are a bit simpler. Features like roll-up windows are a rarity as these Alfas became more and more like luxury cars. And there are some of us who appreciate these lower maintenance items. So you may decide to upgrade the stereo or restore the air conditioning, but there's an underlying feeling that you have simpler and ready fundamentals.

Another part that really makes you fall in love with an Alfa is the driving experience. The 2.0-liter fuel-injected motor continues to run with a seductive purr that makes you feel like this car has a pulse. The twin-cam powerplant is legendary for eagerly pulling from a standstill. You take full control through the five-speed manual transmission. This is a car made to let you feel the road, and so the nimble steering, sports suspension, four-wheel power disc brakes, and brand-new Falken tires all come together for a feeling that will make you search for every back road.

This is the ideal mix of respected ownership, legendary Pininfarina design, and an affordable price. It's the kind of total package that won't stay around for long. Call today!!!

Phoenix AZ 85204
United States
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