1986 Jeep CJ7

Concord, NC 28027
United States

1986 Jeep
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Within the realm of the rugged and unyielding, the 1986 Jeep CJ7 is cloaked in a hue reminiscent of Army Green. With its sturdy 15" wheels and robust 31x10.50R15LT tires, this iconic Jeep sets the standard for off-road adventure and outdoor exploration. The matte finish of its paint, complemented by strategic black decals, serves as a visual narrative of journeys taken and those yet to embark upon. Its distinctive exterior, featuring soft doors and a useful bikini top, invites the brave .....
to challenge the elements in pursuit of uncharted territories.

The interior of this Jeep CJ7, a symphony of practicality and resilience, offers a haven for adventurers. Black vinyl seats anchor the space, providing a durable perch to command this stalwart vehicle. The modern conveniences of an aftermarket AM/FM/AUX stereo, complete with USB and Bluetooth connectivity, ensure that the perfect soundtrack accompanies the spirit of exploration. Unique touches, such as a grenade-shaped gear shifter, amplify the Jeep's character, blending utility with a dash of defiance. Coated in a protective bedliner, the interior stands ready to face the rigors of adventure without flinching.

Under the guise of simplicity lies the robust 258 I6 engine, paired with a 5-speed manual transmission that thrives on the open road and revels in the dirt. Despite the visible signs of use that narrate its storied past, the Jeep's mechanical integrity remains unchallenged. Upgrades such as a newer Webber carburetor and refreshed wiring and hoses enhance its performance, ensuring this Jeep CJ7 remains a faithful companion on every expedition. Its single exhaust system sings a song of resilience and relentless pursuit.


258 I6 Engine

5-Speed Manual Transmission

Power Disc Front Brakes

Single Exhaust with Factory Replacement Muffler

Newer Webber Carburetor

Updated Wiring and Hoses

Army Green Matte Paint with Black Decals

15" Wheels in 31x10.50R15LT Tires

Soft Doors and Bikini Top

Power Steering

Aftermarket AM/FM/AUX Stereo with USB and Bluetooth

Grenade-Shaped Gear Shifter

Interior Coated in Bedliner

The 1986 Jeep CJ7 emerges as a beacon for those with a relentless desire for adventure, merging the ruggedness of its mechanical prowess with the untamed spirit of the outdoors. It promises a journey filled with moments of thrill, discovery, and the raw beauty of nature. This Jeep is not merely a vehicle; it is a call to explore, to venture beyond the familiar, and to embrace the unpredictable. Ready for the next adventure? Call today!

Concord NC 28027
United States
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