1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Concord, NC 28027
United States

1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer
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This 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer has a clean look that reminds us why these never seem out of style. And with V8 power, a sharp-looking leather interior, air conditioning, and more, the right vintage 4x4 is more appealing than any modern SUV.

If you wanted a new Wagoneer, you'd already be driving it... but we bet you were waiting for an original like this. After all, there is just an added distinction that comes from time, and when it looks this nice, it also means a prestige that's .....
earned. The color holds close to 1986's Deep Night Blue, but this is a later respray to show off the clean lines of the well-respected body. Classic chrome bumpers, a shining grille, distinct 12-spoke alloys, and plenty of iconic wood-like trim are all about why this one gets longer stares at the stoplights than the brand-new one ever will.

The doors have a clean/confident action that reminds you of the sturdiness of a true Jeep. And these are your gateway to a terrific-looking interior. One of the big reasons we can compare to the new Grand Wagoneer is because this has the right level of amenities to continue to be comfy for modern driving. It includes luxuries like power windows, power locks, cruise control, a tilt steering column, and the classic AM/FM/cassette stereo. There are even a few nice added details, like the cup holders and coco-like floor mats. The air conditioning has been upgraded to modern R134a refrigerant to remain nice and cold. This has seating for up to six people, and the leather with velour inserts is a unique and comfy setup. So it's a good family machine, but you'll be perfectly happy cruising solo, thanks to the bucket seat up front with a folding armrest. These front seats even power adjust to the ideal comfort position.

The Jeep/AMC 360 cubic-inch V8 has been a long-standing powerhouse utilized by some legendary stout vehicles. It has a well-respected presentation, and how it fires up and runs with gusto is another affirmation of a well-maintained life. The A727 three-speed automatic transmission is strong and smooth, so it's an ideal partner for this SUV. The two-speed transfer case four-wheel-drive system means this is a true Jeep. But when that go anywhere, nature means a run to the grocery store, the power steering, power brakes, and front discs.

The sale comes complete with an owner's manual packet that's so comprehensive that it even still has the welcome cassette tape. If you keep this Jeep for the long term, you may eventually update details like the exterior wood or the interior headliner. It's the kind of little thing that lets you add personalization while never stopping you from enjoying one of the most appealing classic SUVs around. Call now!

Concord NC 28027
United States
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