1986 Lincoln Continental

Fort Worth, TX 76137
United States

1986 Lincoln Continental
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This 1986 Lincoln Continental, adorned in its factory paint scheme commands attention. The paint, a distinctive melding of Antique Rose and Red Velvet Glamour Metallic, still dazzles under the sunlight, revealing its luxurious legacy and the meticulous care bestowed upon it through the years. Riding on 15"" factory wheels encased in 215/70R15 tires from 2023, this Continental glides with elegance, its ride quality significantly enhanced by an upgrade from the original air ride to .....
coil springs, ensuring a journey as smooth as the narratives it embodies.

Delve into the surprisingly plush cloth interior of the Lincoln Continental, echoing a bygone era where luxury was synonymous with spaciousness and comfort. The expansive dual power bucket seats invite relaxation, while the classic column shifter adds a touch of nostalgic charm. Power steering facilitates effortless navigation, the air conditioning provides a gentle cooling effect, and tunes from the AM/FM stereo set a serene ambiance. The inclusion of cruise control and a tilt wheel ensures that every road trip in this Lincoln is as enjoyable as it is reminiscent of the past.

Yet, the Lincoln's subdued elegance belies the robust capability beneath its hood. Nestled within lies a venerable 5.0L V8 engine, ready to deliver a smooth yet potent performance at a moment's notice. The four-speed automatic transmission, coupled with the vehicle's low mileage, believed to be just 48,474, underscores the Continental's solidity and finesse on the road. Power steering and disc brakes contribute to its graceful handling, while the savvy upgrade from the original air-ride suspension to coil springs augments its long-term dependability. Furthermore, the single exhaust, equipped with an aftermarket muffler, subtly enhances the Lincoln's distinguished presence with a gentle rumble.

5.0 Liter V8 Engine
4 Speed Automatic Transmission
Believed Actual Mileage of 48,474 Miles
Power Steering
Electronic Fuel Injection
Power Front Disc Brakes
Coil Spring Suspension Upgrade
Antique Rose and Red Velvet Glamour Metallic Paint
Factory 15"" Wheels w/ fresh tires
Gray Cloth Bucket Seat Interior
Power Steering
Power Seats
AM/FM Stereo
Tilt Wheel
Air Conditioning

This 1986 Lincoln Continental, with its blend of originality and grace, offers more than just a ride; it invites you into a story of luxury and careful preservation. With its unblemished V8 engine, a cabin that feels like a step back to a more genteel era, and an exterior that carries good memories, this Continental is ready to add new chapters. Call today!

Fort Worth TX 76137
United States
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