1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

Jefferson, WI 53549
United States

1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
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I seldom buy these cars. It isn’t that I don’t like them. Unfortunately, many that are for sale have not seen the care that it takes to keep them nice. It takes quite a bit of attention and care to keep the interior of the G-bodies of this era looking crisp. If you know the cars, you know about sagging headliners, cracked dashes, faded and discolored door panels, discolored and unraveled seats and faded carpeting. This car has none of the above. I believe part of .....
the credit goes to window tinting. Not dark, but just enough to soften the impact of the sun’s rays. The bulk of the credit goes to the owners. They were mature and had the ability to keep the car in the garage. The interior and exterior of this car are original. And NICE! It spent most of its life in Missouri. Thus, it did not get exposed to salt. By the time it came to Illinois, it was collectible, so it was driven sparingly and only during nice weather. There is not so much as a bubble of rust on this car. It has perfect floors and frame. The paint looks nice with only a few minor touch ups. A waxing had it gleaming. The weather strips are not dried out and cracked. The bumper fillers are still soft and pliable. There is no fading of the carpet. The headliner is tight. The door panels look great. The seat is not torn or faded. I did notice a couple of small cigarette singe marks. The dash is perfect. The wheels are original to the car. While not show quality, they are still in nice condition. They are not full of curb rash, pitting or brake dust. All center caps are in place and attractive. The lug nuts are new. The tires are Grand Am white outlined letter radials with plenty of tread. The exhaust is original to the car and in good condition. I do hear a slight leak below the passenger side manifold. It goes away when the engine is at operating temperature. The engine bay is completely stock and everything is in place. Even the hose from the cold air intake to the air cleaner is as it came from the factory. There have been a couple of modifications. The working original radio was removed and is in the trunk. It was replaced by a modern JVC unit that has CD instead of cassette. In addition, there is a trunk mounted CD changer with remote control. The other modification is to the air conditioning. It was converted to 134a Freon. All features function properly. These cars are well equipped. This one has power windows and locks, cruise control, rear defogger, electric trunk release, tilt steering column, remote mirrors and air conditioning. The 305HO V8 and 200r4 transmission operate very well. If you like the G-bodied cars of this era, you must know that they take great care to remain in nice original condition. I have looked for many years to find one as nice as this one. I hope you appreciate the challenge and are able to offer it similar care as you enjoy it and show it off.
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