1988 Chevrolet K1500 Silverado 4x4

Lutz, FL 33559
United States

1988 Chevrolet
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This is a new generation of classic 4x4s, and you're looking at one for true survivor lovers. That's because this 1988 Chevrolet K1500 Silverado was a one-owner truck from 1988-2022! Plus, you get a fuel-injected V8, an overdrive transmission, a comfortable/loaded interior, and much more - all for an affordable price.

This truck spent nearly 35 with its first owner. We bet you know plenty of marriages that did not come close to lasting as long as this relationship. That kind of .....
commitment means this truck was properly utilized. The versatile 4x4 drivetrain, hard bed cover, and a proper trailer hitch all make this one quite useful. You can tell all of this has come in handy over the years, and it certainly shows signs of use. But the full story also shows the level of care in how complete it is. So while it wouldn't need much bodywork before a shining respray, we really kind of like how this truck is maturing into its patina age. That helps tell its long-term owner story just in the first glance.

The gray interior has the sturdy look that's right for a real truck. But one of the reasons why we like this generation of Silverado so much is that they also gave you the best in comfort. So the seat is done in soft velour, and you have all the right comfort features. This includes power windows, a tilt steering column, a sliding rear window, and the original AM/FM stereo with a separate cassette. There are provisions for other factory features like power locks and air conditioning, and they will need servicing to fully function again.

This generation Silverado is also known for reliable power thanks to the fuel-injected V8. This 350 cubic-inch motor has the kind of good-looking components that tell you it has been cared for correctly over the years. We even have good maintenance records. So while the odometer is believed to reflect the actual mileage, it also shows the right upkeep and investments that give a small block Chevy a nearly indestructible reputation. We especially like this generation Silverado because it introduced a 4x4 with an independent front suspension. That means you still get the go-anywhere prowess, but when you're just riding in the city, this is much more comfortable than older classic 4x4s. Plus, power steering, power brakes, front discs, and a four-speed automatic transmission with overdrive make this a solid any-time cruising pickup.

This truck looks like it was quite handy for its first two owners thus far. And they kept it well to make sure it will be useful for you, too. Call today!!!

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Lutz FL 33559
United States
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