1988 Pontiac Fiero GT

Phoenix, AZ 85204
United States

1988 Pontiac
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Pontiac fans know that 1988 was the last and (arguably) the best for the Fiero... and the GT model with the V6 and five-speed is the ultimate prize. So if you're a Fiero fan, you'll love how well-preserved and well-presented this sports car is.

Fiero fans know the GT body style is the one to have. The aerodynamic body kit and flying buttress rear helped emphasize the European inspiration that was at the heart of Pontiac's mid-engine machine. In fact, this one has the look of a .....
well-respected car. We're told most of the mileage comes from the first and long-term owner who was a pilot. This flyboy kept a good log and proper care of his machinery. That is reflected in the clean look of the body panels and the bright glow on what we're told is the factory finish. You will find some signs of use, including at the front from some highway travel, but overall, you can really tell the difference that comes from mindful care. And while the medium red has a stylish metallic radiance, the real secret to the attraction is the well-coordinated dark side. The blackout rear panel, rear quarter windows, and trim line that encircles the car give this a cool midnight streak. Even the upgraded Vision 17-inch wheels are darkly harmonized. Plus, the sleek hidden headlight front end, quad exhaust tips, and full-width rear spoiler are all about the sport style that earns this on its GT designation.

The interior preserves the stock sporty style. The dual bucket seats have plenty of bolstering for a true sports car feeling. It's loaded with power windows, power locks, a tilt steering column, cruise control, and cold-blowing factory air conditioning. The whole car has a clean, complete, and stock look where you'll only find small hints of age and mileage. In fact, the only non-factory piece you'll likely notice is the upgraded AM/FM stereo with USB and Bluetooth. It reminds you that a great driving car also needs the right driving music.

The 2.8-liter fuel-injected V6 delivers entertaining performance in the relatively lightweight Fiero, especially thanks to the control that the five-speed manual transmission provides. It certainly looks the part of a performance engine with a bright red intake manifold and matching valve covers. It's a strong motor, and with features like the fully-independent suspension and four-wheel disc brakes, this is one of the sharpest handling American cars of its era. That's why it makes for such a special classic today.

The sale comes complete with maintenance records/receipts and service manuals. There are even plenty of spare components that can be made available, too. It's a sporty and distinct classic, and so at a price like this, you know you need to hurry on this deal. Call today!!!

Phoenix AZ 85204
United States
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