1989 Batmobile Gotham Cruiser

Fenton, MO 63026
United States

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THE BATMOBILE is well-known the world over.One of the most FAMOUS cars of all time, THE BATMOBILE is well-known the world over. Originally built in Turin, Italy for the Ford Motor company, the 1955 Lincoln "Futura" was constructed as a concept car for the auto show circuit. It featured an impressive array of special features and gadgets, most notably enclosed separate "bubble" compartments for the passenger and driver and "gull-wing" doors. It was originally .....
painted metallic green with simulated "Fish scale" airbrush work to enhance its "Submarine car" design.After its time on the show circuit, it was acquired by Warner Brothers studios and was repainted red for the 1959 film "It Started with a Kiss" starring Glen Ford and Debbie Reynolds (The future mom of Princess Leia of Star Wars fame) Following the film, the car remained on the lot at what was then Desilu Studios, run by Desi Arnez and Lucille Ball whom had just acquired a production company called Greenway that was tasked with the production of a live action black and white television version of the comic strip "Batman".The Futura was given to George Barris and converted into the BATMOBILE, by removing the center "bubbles" and gull-wing doors, adding a bat face, rocket tubes, bat hubs, jet turbine engine and a barrage of gadgets....with one noticeable missing feature. When the Batmobile arrived for filming, the black and white cameras and televisions of the time rendered the car as little more than a black "blob" on screen. Barris was tasked with outlining the edges of the car in white paint in order for the shape of the car to be more recognizable. No sooner was this done when the studio decided to put a bit more money into the Batman project and the decision was made to shoot the series in COLOR! The Batmobile went BACK to the Barris' paint shop for a quick coat of red paint on the stripes, making the edges appear to actually be orange. And a color controversy began that would last to this day.Following the success of the Batman TV Series, a film was made in 1966 and several more Batmobiles were produced in fiberglass for the film.Please note: This is a static display vehicle. It is a complete body but would need a frame and drivetrain. Exterior: Black ***THIS VEHICLE IS LOCATED AT THE BRANSON CELEBRITY CAR MUSEUM, 1600 MO-76, Branson, MO 65616***

Fenton MO 63026
United States
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