1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

Lithia Springs, GA 30122
United States

1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur
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Let's cut right to the heart of the matter: if you show up in this 1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur, you are well and truly ""The Man"". Nobody will check the production date and nobody will care about anything other than the famous grille and Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament. And with those features so prominently displayed, nobody will realize that they could own this A-list, hand-built Roller for the price of a garden-variety Honda Accord.

Rolls-Royce is a company .....
dictated by tradition, which was why styling changes so seldom. As a result, the cars always look big and impressive with a presence that no other manufacturer has ever been able to match. The special long-wheelbase Silver Spur (the longer version of the Silver Spirit) was the top-of-the-line for what is unquestionably the top-of-the-line automobile manufacturer. Stretching nearly 20 feet long, it's understated yet imposing clad in gorgeous White finish, like ""The Rock"" in a white tuxedo tailcoat. Fit and finish are, of course, exemplary despite it being over 30 years old, and nothing in the automotive world feels like one of these big, heavily-insulated doors slamming closed. All automotive paint is shiny, but the deep hand-rubbed finish on a Rolls-Royce is something else entirely, as if it was conjured out of thin air right onto the surface. Sure, it's got a few signs of age, but on a car that originally cost the equivalent of a quarter-million bucks, you definitely got your money's worth on the paint job. There are some minor imperfections and a couple very small touch-ups, but nothing that an experienced Rolls-Royce enthusiast won't expect. A navy blue Everflex top (which is a very British way of saying ""vinyl"") adds an air of formality to the big Silver Spur and improves the already impressive levels of quiet inside. The brightwork and molding is of a quality that most motorists have never seen before, and even after several decades it all shows a brilliant luster and depth that befits a car that originally cost more than an average American home. Then there's the chrome, which is so deep and rich that it almost feels cold to the touch, and nothing clears traffic like that big Rolls-Royce grille and Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament. ""Impressive"" isn't an impressive enough word for what this car is.

Acres of opulent leather are really the reason you buy a Rolls-Royce. No other car in the world can offer this one's combination of natural materials and meticulous hand assembly. The seats feel like nothing you've ever experienced, at once soft and supportive and wrapped in fragrant leather hides that were bred for royalty. There's a bit of wear in the higher-traffic areas of the front seats and driver's door panels, but the rest of the buttery-soft leather with contrasting white piping is still fit for showing-off, even with the comfort marks. Dark blue Wilton Wool carpets are insanely plush and yes, that's real wood on the dash and door panels, hand-crafted by a proper Englishman who's been doing it his entire life. And that carpeted dash cover isn't hiding any secrets underneath, as the leather pad is in great shape and free of cracks or UV damage. The cabin received all the proper accoutrements for the period, including A/C, cruise control, power windows and locks, power seats, and fingertip-light power steering. And as a full-sized luxury car, rear seat space rivals a New York City apartment; it's impossible to not feel like royalty sitting back there. Even the ""boot"" is beautifully outfitted in matching blue carpet that's as beautifully stitched as you've ever seen.

Rolls-Royce's ""six-and-three-quarter"" litre V8 is smooth and torquey, moving the big sedan with the fluid ease of a master butler. Rolls-Royce never gave horsepower figures on their engines, but the big 6.75-liter V8 pulls like a steam locomotive and delivers astounding smoothness. Bosch's new-for-1989 Motronic fuel-injection makes it reliable, too, and while saving one without proper service can be expensive, keeping it in top shape is quite reasonable if you have a good tech by your side, and thankfully this beauty had a $2600 service completed in 2019 and has only logged 300 miles since. Fuel economy kind of stinks, of course, but this is a Rolls-Royce and you shouldn't care about such things anyway. GM supplied the TH400 3-speed automatic gearbox, and the fully independent suspension rides like a hovercraft over broken pavement. Even the 4-wheel disc brakes are race-car sized and deliver impressive performance that's never abrupt. Cooper Cobra 225/75/15 whitewall radials on the original wheels maintain the subtle look (no need to show off, my good sir) and you'll note that even the hubcaps are pinstriped to match the interior.

We won't tell anyone how affordable this Rolls-Royce is and you can merely let them speculate at the rich and famous who might be riding with you. Call today!

Lithia Springs GA 30122
United States
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