1991 Mercedes-Benz 500SL 6.0 AMG

San Diego, CA 92121
United States

1991 Mercedes-Benz
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1991 Mercedes Benz 500SL AMG 6.0

Year 1991
Make Mercedes Benz / AMG
Model Mercedes Benz 500SL AMG 6.0
VIN WDB1290661F017341
Engine No 119960-12-009675
Gearbox No 722353-03-000042
Commission No 0 0 843 10114
Destination Kingdom of Jordan (Royal Family)
Completion Facility Bremen, Germany
Mercedes Completion Date September 2nd, 1990
Mercedes Delivery Date September 13th, 1990
AMG Completion Date December .....
Exterior Paint “Blauschwarz'' blue/black metallic (Code 199)
Interior Color Anthracite Leather Seating front and rear (Code 271A)
Total Original Mileage 34,911 Kilometers / 21,692 Miles

Option Codes:
- Bosch Special Lighting System
- Bosch Special Headlight System
-199 “Blauschwarz'' blue/black metallic Exterior Paint
-241 Left Full Power Seat with Multi-Mmemory Function
-242 Right Full Power Seat with Multi-Mmemory Function
-246 Mirrors with Memory Functions
-271A Anthracite Leather Seating front and rear (Code 271A)
-283 Body Wind Draft Deflector
-363 Unknown
-440 Cruise Control and airbags
-442 Passenger Side Automatic Belt Tensioning
-444 Combined Code 440 and 442: Cruise Control and airbags (driver side) with belt tensioners (passenger side)
-452 Dual-Tone Horn System
-481 Body Under Shields
-490 Windscreen Heater Deleted for Tropical Climate Delivery
-538 Automatic Antenna and Speaker System without Radio Installation
-551 Anti-theft Warning System with Immobilizer
-565 Special Fitted Rear Seating and Restraints Instead of Cargo Tray
-581 Automatic Climate Control System
-592 Heat Insulating Glass all Around with Darker Upper Windscreen Band and Rear Laminated Window
-600 Bosch Headlamp Washing System
-682 Fire Extinguisher
-740 Folding Top Fabric in Black
-828 Elimination of Exhaust with Emissions Equipment / Sport Exhaust System
-873 Heated Front Seats
-880 Remote Control Infrared Locking System
-881 Special Headrests

WDB1290661F017341 Individual History:
This particular 500SL AMG 6.0 was a unique special order, special request example that came from the Jordanian Royal Family in Amman, Jordan. The specific order originated with Mercedes Benz Commission No. 0 0 843 10114 which assigned assembly to their Bremen, Germany facility. The order came in the Summer of 1990 with completion taking place on September 2nd, 1990. The original Mercedes Factory Assembly Records provide fantastic detail on the special options incorporated into this vehicle's assembly. No fewer than 27 individual option packages were identified on the original assembly sheets. (A complete listing of these can be found above as well as on the attached assembly summary sheets.)

11425 Sorrento Valley Road
San Diego CA 92121
United States
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