1998 Hummer H1 Open Top

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1998 Hummer
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The Hummer H1 is based off the US military's M998 Humvee released by AM General in 1984, was officially offered for public consumption on March 14th, 1992. With (slightly) more creature comforts, this truck carried several engines over its lifespan, with a 6.5L turbodiesel offered over the majority. Big changes came about midway through 1997 production, improvements that included an HVAC system providing more accessibility for easier servicing along with a blower motor that moved air more .....
efficiently through the cabin. This was further enhanced with standard interior sound insulation for better cabin volume levels. The turbo diesel engine was also improved offering 5 additional horsepower and 45 ft. lbs. of torque. This noticeable power increased total horsepower to 195, and torque to 430 ft. lbs. and continued with the production H1's through the 2003 model year. Truly the ultimate off-road vehicle for consumer purchase until their departure from General Motors, the H1 has now become quite the collectible!

We are proud to represent this 1998 Hummer H1 Open Top finished in Silver Metallic with a Gray cloth interior and faux wood accent trim surrounds. Powering this H1 is a new P-400 long block 6.5 turbo-charged diesel engine with aluminum oil pan producing 250 horsepower with an impressive 550 lbs-ft of torque mated to a GM 4-speed automatic transmission. These trucks are known for their heavy duty offroad capabilities but also feature modern convivences as this H1 includes air conditioning, heat & defrost, power windows & locks, cruise control, cable wench, heated windshields, auxiliary rear bench seat, upgraded LED headlamps with brush guards, and functional CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System) with Interco TrXus M/T tires measuring 37x12.50R16 and run-flat inserts still fitted inside. A full wrap-over front brush guard with FET low/high beam fog lamps in the grill, full length roof rack with five 6.5” PIAA round offroad lights, raised snorkel air intake tube, bed side rails, and rear spare tire carrier enhance its presence even further!

This engine was installed in October of 2017 when the Hummer had only 46,384 miles on it. These P400 engines are known for their power and reliability while not needing a lot of extra customization to be installed. This H1 now shows 60,797 miles on the odometer which means the new engine itself has only driven 14,413 miles since installation. Other work completed at the time were new left and right exhaust manifolds, water pump, air conditioning condenser & compressor, thermostat, pump mounted driver with cooler plate, new batteries, pedal sensor, and window regulator. Well cared for H1 Hummers are becoming increasingly hard to find in high quality condition like this one, and this example represents 1 of only 22 Silver Metallic Open Top H1's built in 1998, so they are indeed rare to begin with!

Already an extremely capable offroad truck, it became even more rugged and powerful with the new P-400 long block installed increasing horsepower by 30% along with the torque by 22% over factory stock. This Hummer H1 has been meticulously cared for and fully serviced by our specialized 4x4 Hummer certified mechanic and the sale will include receipts of service records, engine replacement and regular maintenance that has been performed. Complete with owner's manuals and operating information, wench control remote and instructions, utility offroad jack, and extra keys. Please call with additional questions or to schedule an opportunity to see it in person!

1575 Woodson Road
Saint Louis MO 63301
United States
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