2006 Cadillac DTS

Jefferson, WI 53549
United States

2006 Cadillac DTS
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These are my favorite cars for daily driving. I keep my eyes open and look far and wide. I found this one South of Kansas City.
Cadillac owners are particular. The investment to own one is high, so they are well cared for. Garage kept, maintained regularly, washed and cleaned, babied. Cadillac owners typically have conservative driving habits.
This car was owned by a business man. His wife drove it. He was the second owner. Neither owner had children, pets, smoking or eating habits. I doubt this car has seen much salt. There is no rust.
In 13 years it has been driven 136,610 miles, right at 10,000 per year. The recalls are all done. The gaskets and seals were replaced, so the oil leaks inherent to the Northstar V8 are gone.
The interior shows very minimal wear. There are no stains, tears or blemishes. Same for the exterior. There are minute touch-ups to the paint that are not visable from five feet.
All features work properly. Both key fobs work. The owners manual is present. Nothing is amiss.
The original coated aluminum wheels are in mint condition. However, the tires should be replaced. I installed a brand new set of Cadillac chrome wheels with new tires. They enhance the appearance. The original wheels will go with the car in case you wish to use them for winter driving.
The mileage will continue to increase as I drive the car. The price will be discounted accordingly.
I am getting 25 mpg for normal driving. If you go on a highway trip, don’t be surprised to see this improve to 29 mpg. My last car would get 30 mpg at 78 mph while on cruise.
These are such great cars. Very well designed, well-cared for, luxurious. What a great car for your dailt driving.
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