The Style Of The 1941-1947 Chevy Pickup

Tad Burness
Here's one that will undoubtedly bring a happy smile and fond memories to many a reader. This style of Chevy pickup (1941 to mid-1947) is a favorite of many truck collectors today, as well as of the millions of people who owned or rode in one during the past six and a half decades. This is the style of Chevy pickup that saw us through to victory in World War II and beyond.
In the mid-1940s, Chevrolet advertised that its six-cylinder overhead-valve engine gave excellent gas mileage and extraordinary oil mileage. Late in 1945, Chevrolet ads proclaimed that half the trucks in use in America during 1945 were 1936 or older models! And one out of eight was built before 1931. One out of every three trucks was a Chevrolet.
In the summer of 1947, another popular series of Chevy trucks made its debut. This new series was the totally restyled "Advance-Design" 1948 Chevrolet trucks, with "the cab that breathes." This catchphrase was in reference to the greatly improved ventilating system that drew in fresh air from intakes behind the grille and heated that air during cold weather. "Used air," containing carbon dioxide, was simultaneously drawn out, virtually eliminating stuffiness in the cab and steamy windows.
With this new design and many new features, the 1948 through 1953 Chevrolet trucks also remained the same for another six years, with barely noticeable changes.
Strangely, back in 1945, Chevrolet truck ads stated that the cab had a moisture-proof wooden floor. An old-
fashioned featured, but perhaps sensible at a time when steel was in short supply!
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