Porcelain Pump Plates

John Pizzo
Hello. For this month’s article, I have chosen to write about porcelain pump plates. These used to show the brand of fuel the customer was buying.
A lot of the gas stations that were independently owned had multiple gas companies they bought fuel from, depending on the size of the station. So it was very important that they were clearly identified so that the customer was satisfied and bought the desired fuel.
Most likely, if you are a plate collector or follow the hobby in some way, you have seen the more common Gulf no-nox plate like the one shown here. A lot of the plates that come from the larger companies aren't as eye catching, for example this no-nox and just about all the other Gulf plates are not very graphic but they are still nice to put on the wall and enjoy. One of my favorite plates is this Sinclair. I like the color combination as it's very subtle and it is still eye catching.
Speaking of putting things on the wall, here's something to help get some "brownie points" with the Mrs.  Make sure you take the time to say thank you for letting me hang my "stuff" on the walls, or letting me use the garage for my projects while your car sits outside.
I still live at home so I would like to thank my mom for letting me bring ALL of my dirty and smelly oil cans into the house and displaying them in my room.
 Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil
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