1989 Buick Reatta

Tad Burness
Established in 1903, Buick was guided to success by Billy Durant, who founded General Motors in 1908 with Buick as its first product. Soon Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Oakland and Chevrolet would become a part of the giant GM empire.
Buick has always maintained an excellent standard of quality and durability. It's a conservative brand favored by doctors, teachers, realtors and other professional people.
Because Buick seldom built anything resembling a sports car (save for the Skylark convertibles of the mid-1950s or the 1963-1973 Rivieras), it was a surprise when Buick introduced its sizzling compact Reatta sports coupe in 1988. But those who wanted a true sports car opted for Chevrolet's fiberglass-bodied Corvette, extremely popular since its introduction back in 1953.
Reatta coupes were displayed at many Buick dealerships, and attracted attention, but not as many buyers as hoped for. So, the Reatta was finally pulled early in 1991, with little notice.
It may become a minor classic. In late 2004, it was listed as being worth $15,000 in top condition. Once its value surpasses the original $27,250 price, it will achieve the status of a sought-after collectible, maybe sooner.
You'll notice that the interior of the Reatta was designed for only two, with individual bucket seats. The curved-end rear compartment was designed mainly for luggage or packages (supplementing the trunk), but a small mattress could be laid down for the comfort of any children riding along. Of course, there should be seat belts.

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