1969 Monteverdi

Tad Burness
Switzerland's not a major player in the European automobile industry, unlike Germany, Italy and France. But in 1967, Peter Monteverdi introduced his attractive Chrysler-powered GT coupe, with Frua bodywork, at the 1967 Frankfurt Automobile Show in Germany.
Initial plans were for a trial run of 50 cars, and some thought this might be one of many short-lived ventures. But Monteverdi sold well enough to be continued.
Garage Monteverdi, a BMW and Ferrari dealer/distributor in Basle, Switzerland, changed its name to Automobile Monteverdi, as Peter M. observed the public's acceptance of the sleek coupe that would reach 155 m.p.h. with its big 440 c.i.d. Chrysler Magnum V-8.
In the late 1970s, Monteverdi, builder of GT coupes and "Safari" SUVs resembling Range Rovers, surprised the world with the Monteverdi Sierra, a four-door sedan based on a Dodge Aspen, equipped with a Chrysler 318, 360 or 440 V-8 and selling for a heady $27,500 (69,000 in Swiss francs), far more than the stock $4,000 Aspen in the United States.
The 375-L was not Peter Monteverdi's first autobuilding effort. Active in that endeavor since 1956, Peter built and raced MBM sports and formula cars in 1960 and 1961.
In the mid-1970s, the sporty Palm Beach convertible three-seater, Chrysler-powered, was a $50,000 Monteverdi offering, but was not sold in the United States, despite the model name.
Reportedly, Monteverdi production ceased in 1992, and truly, these are very desirable collectors' cars.
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