Where Can I Find A 4 Barrel Manifold For A 1955 Dodge 270?

Greg Zyla
Q: I'm From South Dakota and am presently in Topeka, Kansas, looking around for early Hemi parts. I've got a 1955 Dodge 270 "Hemi" V8 and I'm going to put it in a 1928 Essex.
It will be a "hardcore" hot rod, or now known as Rat Rods. It's a third-generation project with my son and his grandson.
We'd like to find a 4-barrel manifold as we already have the other parts such as piston rings and even a Crower 3/4 grind racing cam.
Do you have any ideas for us?
Grandpa Bernie from South Dakota.
A: Sure do, Grandpa Bernie. Currently, there is a huge wave of restoration and rebuilding going on, so finding that 4-barrel 270-inch Hemi intake shouldn't be that difficult. You might want to first contact Chuck Taylor, long noted as a specialist with early Hemi engines.
His email is hemiengineparts@sbcglobal.net or you can call him in California at (530) 347-9538 Pacific Time.
Also, check eBay for current auctions as many early Hemi engines and parts are listed regularly.
Right now, there is a very nice set of Rat Rod style headers that would fit the 270-241 Baby Dodge Hemi heads. However, first call Chuck, and he'll help you for sure or point you in the right direction.
I spoke to Chuck and told him to expect a call from "Grandpa Bernie," so he is really looking forward to talking with you and told you not to sweat as he has what you need.
You can also check his website at http://www.hemiengineparts.com/ and click on manifolds.
Also check Chuck's history, as he is considered one of the nation's best boat drag racers. He competed regularly throughout the Seventies, won many events and set numerous national records.

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