Combatting COVID

Mark C. Bach
As this is being written the Corona virus is still strong in most states.  Hard to believe that the first cases started up in January and America has gone through several long lasting pivotal changes.
When this disease first struck, America faced shortages and I am not talking about toilet paper. First responders, hospitals and other lifesavers needed specialized gear and supplies and the auto industry stepped up big time.
You probably read and saw ads about how Ford and General Motors helped make a variety of gear. Actually most auto makers have stepped up to help out, primarily making ventilators.  But beyond these guys with their massive press relations and big media budgets, plenty of automotive firms stepped up and helped out. I felt it might be helpful to highlight how a multitude of companies rolled up their sleeves and showed American ingenuity and pride to help all of us out.  Many of the following companies donated the products to first responders, gave the items to charities and the public or sold to the public at huge discounts
Covercraft Industries
You may know them for their car covers and sun shade screens but they used their expertise with fabric to create Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including gowns and masks. So one day they are protecting car bodies and then the next day they are protecting hospital workers. They were in such demand that they ended up running production at two facilities with 90 employees back to work.
BuiltRight Industries
This company crafted a face shield frame on their 3D printer and found that clear plastic office binder covers could be hole punched to fit the frame. So they shifted production to offer these protective shields.
Chemical Guys
This boutique auto detailing supply shop saw a need and shifted from making polishes and waxes to hand sanitizer. They actually produce three types of sanitizers and hand soap.
Luca Oil, Hot Shot's Secret, VP Racing Fuel and Champion Brands
Hand sanitizer in the retail market has been difficult to find and Lucas Oil moved production to make sanitizer.   And to give similar credit to the "little guys" Hot Shot's Secret, an oil and specialty lubrication company, did likewise. And it must be something in the production and supply process for these firms as Champion Brands, which produces chemicals and lubricants also came out with two cleaners. Plus VP Racing Fuel "raced" to offer sanitizer as well. So there was no excuse for having clean hands!
This company may be better known for their fans and coolers but they too heated up production to make face shields available in the Los Angeles, CA area.
Buffalo Turbine
You may never have heard of this firm but they're the folks who blow the NHRA tracks clear. They created a self-contained sprayer for large areas that might need disinfecting, like bus stops, sidewalks, park benches and playground equipment.
Roush Yates
They do more than just make engines. They worked with two firms on producing ventilators using their CNC machines and assembly areas.
This company usually makes paint touch up supplies for cars and trucks, specific to each year's makes and models. They rounded up some spare bottles and using an on-line CDC approved recipe they created hand sanitizer that they donated to a local hospital.
This firm is best known for their Jeep soft tops and other fabric accessories. But they transformed their facility into making PPE- face shields and masks. They actually created three different versions, including one with a copper mesh interior layer.

In many ways these examples sound like what America experienced during World War II when companies contributed to the war effort. Now companies are fighting another war for not only the United States, but the world!
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