Dirt Track Memories - Clarence Bryant

Clarence Bryant
Back in 1962-63 when I was about 14 years old my dad took me to my very first race at a little track in Dover, NH. This track was maybe a 1/8th mile track. In those days, a super modified racecar was similar to a sprint car of today. There was a man who raced there by the name of Jim Landry, and after he won the feature race that evening, my dad asked him to give me a ride around the track, which he did.
His racecar had a blown 327 Corvette engine and 3-speed stick. After my several laps around the track, I fell in love with the engines, and I have had a love for old cars since that time. On a more personal note, Mr Landry had two different names at the track. If he won his race, he was called “Cannonball Jim.” If he lost, then he was known as “Gentleman Jim.”
Clarence Bryant.......Newton, IA
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