1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Concord, NC 28027
United States

1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer
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This 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer represents what we love in these Jeeps with classic good looks, V8 power, and a 4x4 go-anywhere attitude.

This one represents the icon quite well. The classic face, boxy/beefy silhouette, wood applique trim, and 12-spoke alloys give this the kind of vintage desirability that the new Wagoneer can only hope to achieve someday. The gold paint is a touch we especially like. We don't see this color too often on these Waggoneers, and we're not sure why. The .....
golden glow compliments the wood-like trim to make the whole package look harmonious. The idea on this one is about looking good without being perfect. After all, the true Jeep way is to turn a few heads in town, but then blaze your trail outside the city limits. And this has the proper trailer hitch, luggage rack, and 4x4 prowess to be useful when it's time for real SUV fun.

Inside is the unique Grand Wagoneer upholstery with supple leather and comfortable corduroy inserts. It's a unique style that is well presented inside. So you have an ideal mix where everything looks attractive, but you also won't hesitate to let everyone hop into this full-size 4x4 and go for a drive. There are comfortable features like cruise control, power locks, and an AM/FM/cassette stereo. There are also additional features you can service, like the power windows and A/C, for those who want even more comfort. At the heart of a Grand Wagoneer is the feeling of a large classic SUV that wants to give you a command position on the road. So the front seats power adjust, there's a fold-down armrest for bucket-like comfort, and the tilt steering column gives you a clear view of the gauges and the road ahead.

Under the hood is the stout 5.9-liter V8. The Grand Wagoneer is especially known for its solid engineering. The A727 Torqueflite was known to handle the big power of Mopar muscle cars, and the Dana axles are good enough for commercial duty. So you have quite a capable 4x4. But the reason why the Grand Wagoneer was such an enduring symbol is because it's a true SUV. It knows how to comfortably carry everyone. That's why it has features like power steering, power brakes, and front discs.

Vintage, distinct, useful, and luxurious, the Grand Wagoneer helped establish what we love in a premium SUV. So why own an imitator when you can own the original? Call now!

Concord NC 28027
United States
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