1930 Ford Model A Deluxe

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1930 Ford
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Ford faced competition after the unrivaled success of the Model T and had to update and improve their next design to be more convenient for the driver and still efficient for production. Ford introduced the Model A in late 1927 to be sold as the 1928 models. Making great strides these new Model As are the first Fords to use a conventional clutch, brake pedals, throttle, gearshift, and visible fuel gauges. Named to represent the radical changes from the Model T Henry Ford felt the need to .....
start the model alphabet over again since Ford had already used the A in 1904. The Model A quickly gained a following and sold almost 5 million units in its span from 1927 to 1932.

With different variants of the model A coming to life, Ford began its first attempt at mass producing a true “dual purpose” vehicle in 1929 with the debut of the Model A Station Wagon. This unique design would be able to accommodate 8 passengers with baggage, and the rear seats and bench were removeable to allow extra room for cargo. Featuring wooden body coach work by Murray body and Baker Raulang companies that were subassemblies supplied by Ford. Finished bodies were mated with the chassis on Ford's own production line and varnish was applied to protect the wood. The color palette was limited to a single Manilla Brown color while fenders, wheels, and most trim pieces were painted black. Only 2,848 Model A Wagons were produced in 1930.

We are happy to represent this wonderfully restored 1930 Ford Model A Deluxe Wagon retaining its original woodwork and Baker-Raulang body tag with Deluxe trim. Exterior is finished in its exclusive Manila Brown paint while the fenders and wheels are painted black that matches nicely with the black vinyl interior. Powering this Model A is its rebuilt 201ci L-head inline 4-cylinder providing 40 horsepower and mated to a Mitchell 3-speed manual transmission. Features include a black vinyl top, configurable 2 rear seats & rear bench, rearview mirror, complete windowed curtain set, rear tailgate, driver side mounted spare, front wiper, and black spoked wheels with black Firestone tires measuring 4.75 5.00 19.

This Model A has been beautifully restored by a previous owner in New York who first purchased this vehicle in 1957. The second owner since 1957 was another New York resident who continued to bring this Model A to life. In 2006 the engine was rebuilt, fully counter-balanced with a lightened flywheel installed with work being done by Model A specialists Schwalms Babbitted Bearings Inc. The Mitchell transmission receives upgraded synchromesh gears and the suspension was rebuilt.

A wonderfully cared for piece of automotive history that has been restored to its original beauty with only 392 miles showing on the odometer. The Model A was fairly common, but its woody wagon variant is indeed a rare sight to see especially in this condition. Thank you for your interest and please contact us directly for further information or stop by our museum to see this Ford Wagon up close!

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Saint Louis MO 63301
United States
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