1987 Buick Regal

Lutz, FL 33559
United States

1987 Buick Regal
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Capturing the essence of the '80s, this 1987 Buick Regal, dressed in its original medium gray metallic exterior, weaves a story of careful preservation and familial legacy, being a family-owned car since new. It has been resprayed over the years, so it has a good gloss and shine but still retains that original look. The vinyl top remains in excellent condition, adding a classic touch to the vehicle's overall aesthetic. The tinted windows, rear chrome bumpers, .....
and trim continue to gleam, complemented by the original Buick rims. This Regal still commands attention with its well-maintained appearance.

The Regal here reveals an interior bathed in medium dark gray, preserved in its original state. With only 50,926 miles on the odometer - believed actual - this Regal has seen remarkably little wear. The split-bench seating, both front and rear, show well, indicative of the care it has received over the years. Features like power windows blend seamlessly with manual locks, all while the factory AM/FM cassette player is ready to belt out your favorite mix tape " you know the one you made to impress a crush back in the day. The air conditioning, now upgraded to R134a, ensures your ride is as cool as the tunes from your past. The inclusion of original documents such as the dealer invoice, bill of sale, protect-o-plate, title documentation, owner's manual, and maintenance receipts further underscores the vehicle's well-documented history.

Lift the hood, and you'll find the heart of this time traveler: a 307 V8 5.0-liter engine with a 4-barrel carburetor, mated to a smooth TH 350 3-speed automatic transmission. It's a setup that promises a reliable ride. Equipped with power steering and brakes, this Regal offers a driving experience that's both effortless and engaging. The engine bay, maintaining its original appearance, is a tribute to the car's authenticity and the care it has received over the years.
307 V8 5.0 liter engine
TH 350 3-speed automatic transmission
Power steering
Power brakes
Upgraded R134a air conditioning
Resprayed in its Original medium gray metallic color
Vinyl top in excellent condition
Tinted windows
Original Buick rims
Original medium dark gray interior
Power windows
Factory AM/FM radio with cassette player
Original dealer invoice
Original Bill of Sale
Title Documentation
Owner's manual
Maintenance receipts

This 1987 Buick Regal is the epitome of '80s authentically preserved combined with enduring performance and a presence that's captivating, it's sure to be the pride of any collector. Call today!

4610 PET LN STE 105
Lutz FL 33559
United States
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