1939 Chevy Sedan Delivery Model JB Sells For $673!

Greg Zyla
Q:Greg, this is regarding Ed Simas and his 1939 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery you wrote about a few weeks back. In addition to what you told him I have some information on that unit also.
Mr. Simas' 1939 Chevy Sedan Delivery was called a Model JB, and it sold new for $673.00. The vehicle has a 112.25 in wheel base and weighed 3005 lbs. from the factory on the original chassis.
As for the number produced, there were 8,090 of the Sedan Delivery produced in 1939. It came with an Inline 6-cylinder engine with a size of 216.5 cubic inches producing 85 horsepower at 3200 rpm. It could be ordered with either a 3 or 4 speed floor shift transmission or 3 on the tree.
My source of information (and there is much more in it) is a book called “Standard Catalog of Chevrolet Trucks,” by John Gunnel and is Published by Krause Publications of 700 E. State Street, Iola, WI. Phone is 1-800-258-0929. It has a Library of Congress Catalog number 95-60365 and an ISBN of 0-87341-364-4.
I read your column and enjoy it very much. I did a body off restoration on a 1965 K-10 Chevy 4-wheel drive and it was a labor of love for 18 years. It was during that time that I stumbled across this book. I would appreciate you passing this information on to Mr. Simas. Larry Parker, Spokane, WA.

A: Larry, I’ve gone one better by making your excellent information this week’s column. Letters like this not only help Mr. Simas, but also are very informative for all readers across the country. The Krause people are known for excellent publications, from coin collecting to antique cars. I use the company’s “Old Cars Price Guide” magazine regularly, and Krause Publications is an employee-owned enterprise.
Krause bills itself as 'the world's largest publisher of hobby periodicals and books,' and publishes and circulates 53 magazines and newspapers for special-interest enthusiasts, covering a wide variety of hobbies and trades including antiques, arts and crafts, classic cars, coins and paper currency, comic books, fishing, guns, hunting, knives, sports memorabilia, stamps, and toys. On these topics, Krause has printed over 650 books, adding over 100 titles per year. Check them out online.

Thanks, Larry, for an informative letter!
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