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1999 Plymouth Prowler
1999 Plymouth Prowler
Clendenin, WV
Mileage 29,000
Price $33,000
2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty King Ranch – CUSTOM BAYER AUTO 4 DOOR CONVERSION TO 6 DOOR
2004 Ford F250
West Palm Beach, FL
Mileage 110,105
Price $33,000
Custom Built 34 Ford Street Rod
1934 Ford 3-Window
Murfreesboro, TN
Mileage 1,150
Price $49,000
Mach-5 Speedracer
1900 Other (not listed)
Hollis, NY
1973 Plymouth Duster
1973 Plymouth Duster
Batavia, OH
Mileage 24,000
Price $49,995
1918 Ford Coffin Dragster
1918 Ford
Pittsburgh, PA
Price $75,000
1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe
1939 Chevrolet Classic
Lake Havasu City, AZ
Price $38,500
1967 Pontiac GTO
1967 Pontiac GTO
Hollis, NY
1967 Chevy C10
1967 Chevrolet C10
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Mileage 86,000
Price $14,000
XXX Movie Car
1900 Other (not listed)
Hollis, NY
1946 DeSoto
1946 DeSoto
Fredericksburg, VA
Price $14,500
1937 Oldsmobile Coupe
1937 Oldsmobile
Enid, OK
Price $29,900
1930 Ford Model-A
1930 Ford Model A
Cape Fair, MO
Mileage 13,522
Price $40,000
FORD F-100 and boat combo
1979 Ford F100
Danville, IL
Mileage 103,238
Price $45,000
'66 T-Birds. 2 Convt., 1 H/T
1966 Ford Thunderbird
Whiting, IN
Mileage 100,000
Price $15,000
AMC Replacing Old Brand Names With New
10/18/2019 Tad Burness
AMC had a policy of periodically replacing old brand names with new. Remember Rambler's Classic? The Rebel? The Marlin? How about the AMC Hornet?
Greg Zyla's Collector Car Market Update
10/17/2019 Greg Zyla
Today, the popularity of the collector cars, older pickup trucks and muscle cars have expanded to include not only the baby boomer generation, it’s spreading to much younger groups who are finding the excitement of the hobby serves them well.
10/17/2019 Greg Zyla
If you put larger overall tires on your 1973 Chrysler Newport, it could affect the accuracy of your speedometer and you’ll be going faster than the speedometer says.
How Can A 1938 Plymouth Change To A 1937 And Back Again!
10/17/2019 Tad Burness
In the film, High Sierra, Bogart's car is a 1938 Plymouth coupe (as illustrated), but in many scenes, it suddenly becomes a 1937 Plymouth!
The Style Of The 1941-1947 Chevy Pickup
10/17/2019 Tad Burness
This style of Chevy pickup (1941 to mid-1947) is a favorite of many collectors today, as well as of the millions of people who owned or rode in one during the past six and a half decades.
How Many 1993 Cadillac Allantes With The Northstar Engine Were Produced?
10/17/2019 Greg Zyla
The Cadillac Allante is indeed a rare piece, as you don’t see many around. Cadillac produced the Allante to much fanfare from 1987 through 1993, and only 21,300 cars were built during the model run
1942 Ford Jeep - A Carbon Copy Of The Better-Known Willys Version
10/17/2019 Tad Burness
The Ford Jeeps were created in the exact image of the Willys model, so that all parts were interchangeable between the two brands.
What Does A 1951 Pontiac Straight-8 Engine Look Like?
10/17/2019 Tad Burness
Even though my files contain many views of the 1951 Pontiacs, I was never able, until 2005, to find any good, clear pictures of 1951 Pontiac engines.
The 1950 Keller 4 - A Car Ahead Of Its Time
10/17/2019 Tad Burness
The Keller was the successor to the Bobbi-Kar, a similar little mite conceived in 1945 in Southern California.
Kaiser Darrin Fiberglass Body Sport Cars
10/11/2019 Greg Zyla
the 1954 Kaiser Darrin was the brainchild of the late Howard Darrin, Kaiser's chief designer and personal friend of Henry J. Kaiser. Darrin created a clay model in 1952 with full backing from Kaiser, and worked with his son in California on the car.
In Memory Of Andy Granatelli
10/10/2019 Greg Zyla
Andy Granatelli, who is best known for his wins at the Indy 500 and his beloved STP brand of oil treatment, became the principal at Studebaker Racing in the early 1960s.
Am I Wasting Money On Synthetic Motor Oil?
10/9/2019 Greg Zyla
Am I wasting money on synthetic motor oil? I like to feel I'm doing the best I can for the cars. If they were yours, what specific oil and brand would you use?