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1965 Ford Cobra
1965 Ford Cobra
Burlington, IA
Price $24,900
1951 Mercury
1951 Mercury
LaPorte, IN
Price $27,000
1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible 390ci
1964 Ford Galaxie
Orchard Park, NY
Mileage 109,000
Price $24,900
1953 Ford F-100 P/U Custom
1953 Ford F100
Prince George, VA
Mileage 16,195
Price $35,000
1950 Packard Straight 8
1950 Packard
Rehoboth, MA
Price $12,000
1990 Ford Mustang
Branford, CT
Mileage 94,000
Price $7,500
1927 Chevrolet Capitol Series AA
5/17/2019 Tad Burness
The 1927 Chevrolet Capitol Series AA might not look like "the most beautiful Chevrolet in Chevrolet history," but that was how the 1927 Chevy was advertised when new.
When Did the Chevy Powerglide Two-Speed Automatic First Come Out?
5/16/2019 Greg Zyla
The first-ever Chevy Powerglide transmission arrived in 1950 as a $159 option on the Chevrolet. It was a very popular transmission right on through the 1960s, and today many drag racing cars utilize Powerglide race units.
Who Won the Very First Indy 500 in 1911?
5/13/2019 Greg Zyla
A Bosch-powered Marmon Wasp driven by Ray Harroun did indeed win the very first Indy 500 in 1911, so Bosch’s roots in motorsports goes back a long, long way.
What Changes Have to be Made to Put Overhead Valves on a Fathead Engine?
5/9/2019 Greg Zyla
What Changes Have to be Made to Put Overhead Valves on a Fathead Engine? Flathead Fords have really caught on again with hotrodders as the nostalgia car market continues to boom.
10 Best Race Cars of All-Time
5/9/2019 Greg Zyla
What are the 10 best race cars of all-time? Find out Greg Zyla's top 10 picks of the most famous race cars in history including Richard Petty's No. 43 1966-1967 Hemi Plymouth.
Joe Carpenter's Grand National F-100 Reunion
5/8/2019 Staff
Joe Carpenter's Grand National F-100 Reunion on May 16-18 promises to bring the greatest assembly of pre-1980 Ford Trucks to the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge, TN.