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Featured Listings
Ligenfelter Camaro
2002 Chevrolet Camaro
Fresh Meadows, NY
Mileage 46,200
Price $16,900
Lincoln Continental
1985 Lincoln Continental
Paterson, NJ
Mileage 111
Price $3,500
1963 Buick Riviera
1963 Buick Riviera
Bedford, VA
Price $14,900
1953 Ford F-100 P/U Custom
1953 Ford F100
Prince George, VA
Mileage 16,195
Price $35,000
1967 Pontiac GTO
1967 Pontiac GTO
Hollis, NY
Mileage 400
Price $120,000
Aston Martin DB5 007 Goldfinger
1900 Aston Martin DB5
Hollis, NY
Price $1,200,000
1976 GMC 2500
1976 GMC 2500 (before 1992)
Stroudsburg, PA
Mileage 182,000
Price $18,500
Jaguar SS100 " The Duke"
1939 Jaguar SS
Danville, IL
Mileage 7,200
Price $12,500
1928 Ford Model A Pickup
1928 Ford Model A
Live Oak, FL
Price $12,500
1968 Ford Bronco
1968 Ford Bronco
Punxsutawney, PA
Mileage 650
Price $42,500
 FORD F100
1955 Ford F100
Wichita, KS
Mileage 82,600
Price $18,500
1990 Ford Mustang
Branford, CT
Mileage 94,000
Price $7,500
More Plymouth Collector Car History
7/22/2019 Greg Zyla
I’ve been reading your columns recently and liked the GTX column last month. I still like the old Plymouths, and ask if you think Chrysler should have kept the name instead of Dodge.
1957 Ford Police Interceptor
7/16/2019 Greg Zyla
My dad said the 1957 Ford business coupe had a 270 Police Interceptor engine in it with two 4-barrel carbs and a 3 speed transmission on the column.
How Many 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 312 V8 Superchargers Were Made?
7/1/2019 Greg Zyla
I had a 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 with the optional 300-horsepower supercharged 312 V8. It was quite a fast car back then, and I'm wondering if you know how many of these 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 312 V8 Superchargers were made?
Why Did Checker Motor Company Go Out of Business?
7/1/2019 Greg Zyla
I really miss those old Checker Taxi cabs. Whatever happened to the Checker Taxi cabs and why did Checker Motor Company go out of business?
The Tatraplan T-600
6/24/2019 Greg Zyla
I want to know about a vehicle called the Tatraplan T-600. My friend once had one and it would be interesting to see what info you have on the Tatraplan company? My friend told me they also built a V8, too. Is this correct?
The Rod Spalding Car Collection
6/20/2019 Greg Zyla
It's Rod Spalding here. I want to tell you about my three collectible cars. I have a 1948 Willys Jeep CJ-2A with only 19,396 actual miles, a 1961 Corvair 300 two-door with automatic transmission and a 1969 Chevy C-10 short box with a 350-V8.