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Featured Listings
Lincoln Continental
1985 Lincoln Continental
Paterson, NJ
Mileage 111
Price $3,500
1955 Chevy
1955 Chevrolet Bel Air
Chambersburg, PA
Mileage 770
Price $29,000
1999 Plymouth Prowler
1999 Plymouth Prowler
Clendenin, WV
Mileage 29,000
Price $33,000
Mach-5 Speedracer
1900 Other (not listed)
Hollis, NY
FORD F-100 and boat combo
1979 Ford F100
Danville, IL
Mileage 103,238
Price $45,000
1963 Buick Riviera
1963 Buick Riviera
Bedford, VA
Price $14,900
1934 Ford BB
1934 Ford
Grifton, NC
Price $11,995
1954 Chevrolet
1954 Chevrolet
Bedford, VA
Price $26,900
1967 Pontiac GTO
1967 Pontiac GTO
Hollis, NY
Mileage 400
Price $120,000
1928 Ford Model A Pickup
1928 Ford Model A
Live Oak, FL
Price $12,500
1938 Chevy
1938 Chevrolet Classic
Mooresville, NC
Mileage 38,000
Price $35,500
1979 JEEP CJ 7 (40th Anniversary)
1979 Jeep CJ-7
Middletown, MD
Mileage 89,400
Price $13,500
Brief History of the Graham Cars
8/22/2019 Greg Zyla
I was wondering if you could give any information on the history of the Graham cars? The first Graham car was dubbed a “Graham Paige,” released in 1928, and the Graham cars continued along through 1941.
5 Things You Need To Know About the Collector Car Market
8/21/2019 Greg Zyla
Collector car journalist and racing legend Greg Zyla presents five things you need to know about the collector car market including values of classic cars, restoration tips and where to find the most resourceful collector car news.
The 1954 Ford Skyliner - The Grandfather of Moonroofs
8/20/2019 Greg Zyla
I own a 1954 Ford Skyliner and enjoy your column very much. I have read somewhere that Ford tested two Skyliners in 1954, one with the plexiglass top and one with a steel top in Arizona with all of the windows up.
Which Production Car Had the First Moonroof?
8/19/2019 Greg Zyla
Which production car had the first moonroof? I was really taken in by Ford’s new 1954 Skyliner, which was a Crestline Victoria that featured a green, transparent, Plexiglas window roof right above the driver’s seat.
How Many Panteras Were Built?
8/14/2019 Greg Zyla
To give you the scoop on the Pantera, the mid-engined beauty was sculpted by noted designer Tom Tjaarda and manufactured by the Italian car company DeTomaso.Overall, a total of about 7,500 Panteras were built, with most sold by Ford/Lincoln/Mercury.
More Volkswagen Beetle History
8/12/2019 Greg Zyla
The evolution of the Volkswagen Beetle model is very interesting. From the sporty Karmann Ghia to the VW Camper and Bus line, Volkswagens were the mode of transportation for so many of my friends during the 1960s and 1970s.