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1962 Chevrolet Impala
Linden, TX
Price $8,000
1957 Jaguar 120
1957 Jaguar
Heathsville, VA
Price $24,500
Aston Martin DB5 007 Goldfinger
1900 Aston Martin DB5
Hollis, NY
Price $120,000,000
Classic Mercury
1952 Mercury Other Model (not listed)
Springfield, OH
Mileage 0
Price $20,000
'85 Chevy 4x4 Short Bed
1985 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Sparks, NV
Mileage 3,500
Price $20,000
2008 Ford Mustang Saleen
2008 Ford Mustang
Glendale, AZ
Mileage 6,000
Price $45,000
Mach-5 Speedracer
Hollis, NY
1956 Ford 351 Warmed Over Windsor-  Daytona Sunset Orange
1956 Ford F100
Solvang, CA
Mileage 85,000
Price $79,000
1950 Packard Straight 8
1950 Packard
Rehoboth, MA
Price $12,000
1967 Hemi GTX: Dad Leaves A Mopar Legacy For His Family
12/16/2020 Jerry Sutherland
The family dynamic is a key part of the car hobby. Most people in the hobby point to an influential family member as the sole reason he or she owns an old car or truck.
1975 Bricklin SV-1: A Canadian Comes Home
12/16/2020 Jerry Sutherland
Bricklins were an experiment in private and public funding that didn’t pay off, but it did produce an iconic car in a short history.
Story Of A Boy And His Childhood Car: 1976 Ford Elite Found A Loving Family
11/16/2020 Jerry Sutherland
The Ford Elite was a sporty addition to the Blue Oval family in the 1970s.
The 67-X: The Perfect Sesquicentennial Car
12/4/2020 Jerry Sutherland
There was Expo 67, the Centennial Train, The RCAF Golden Centennaires and the 67-X—one of the coolest custom rides ever built.
1967 Rebel SST Convertible: Legacy Car of the Year
12/4/2020 Jerry Sutherland
This 1967 Rebel SST convertible is at the top of the list of major family heritage stories.
A 1941 Ford Custom Coupe Built For Fun And Attention
12/4/2020 Jerry Sutherland
There were a few 1942 models built by Detroit but they were built in the fall of 1941 before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.