What is a Fair Price for a 6-Pack, Three-Two Barrel Setup?

Greg Zyla
Q: What is a fair price to pay for a 6-pack, three two barrel setup, for my 440 Dodge R/T? Everything I see is very expensive, so how about your professional advice? I'm looking for a complete unit, with air cleaner and linkage. Thanks, Greg. I enjoy your articles . Bill M., email from Kentucky.

A: Bill, I would expect to pay about $2,000 to $2,500 for this setup, as brand new units are available. This price includes everything new, including the expensive air cleaner that goes for near $400 new.

There are two distinct manifolds that were OEM parts items. One was an aluminum intake supplied by Edelbrock and then, when MOPAR decided to make its own manifold, Chrysler produced a cast iron intake as standard equipment.

The old cast iron intake you can find on eBay or the auto collector books, and range in value according to condition. However, the Edelbrock 3x2 440 intake costs about $350 or so brand new, and the Holley 2-barrel carbs will run about $1,300. You'll then need some linkage, etc., so for about $1,850, you should be in business. Add the air cleaner, and you'll need another $400.

You may be able to find used units on the auction sites for way less, but many may need rebuilding. If it were me, I'd snag one of the new Edelbrock manifolds and the new Holley carbs, because this setup will be much lighter and work perfectly than a used cast iron manifold counterpart and used carbs. I've seen used items cheaper, so the choice is yours.

As for linkage and air cleaner, you might be able to find some good used units.  Good luck and thanks for the question.
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