What is the Value of a Crosley Today?

Greg Zyla
Q: Greg, I really enjoyed reading about the Crosley you wrote about recently, and how you used to listen to baseball games on your uncle's Crosley radio. What is the value of a Crosley today?  How well do these cars do at collector car auctions nowadays, as they weren't a very expensive car back when they were built? Greg, email from Pennsylvania.

A: Greg, one of the past Barrett-Jackson auctions in Scottsdale featured a bright red 1950 Crosley Hotshot that sold for $25,300 on an average selling book price of $17,000. This is 30-percent higher than the book price! 

Many issues of Auto Round-Up have rare Crosley vehicles for sale, as well as on their popular website. Auto Round-Up is a great classic car price guide tool to use when valuing collector cars because they show what cars are selling for, and in many cases, are being bought for.  Also remember that book values are always suspect, and the right price is what the buyer actually pays for the car, be it more or less.

Thanks for the letter.
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