Delivering industry-changing publications and the most sought-after car enthusiast network in the old car hobby for nearly 45 years, we continue to introduce car collectors to a wider audience through our award-winning magazines, inspiring people to buy, trade, sell, collect, restore, innovate, donate, travel, cruise, and pay forward the treasured pastime of the collector car hobby for generations to come.

Through our magazines, hobbyists have forged lifelong friendships and helped create non-profit clubs that support numerous charities throughout the world.


auto round-up magazineAuto Round-Up Magazine

Auto Round-Up is the ultimate blue collar old car magazine features real car prices from real car people from around the collector car world. Includes over 1,000 of the latest deals per issue. This nationwide magazine is great for the do-it-yourselfer because it is jam-packed with more projects and parts for sale!  Whatever you buy, buy a Round-Up!


Truck Round-Up is the ultimate truck enthusiast’s mag is the country’s #1 selling trade magazine dedicated to trucks! This title features 100’s of classic trucks, custom pickups, street rods, 4x4s and parts for sale. Whether it’s all original pickups or wild customs, Truck Round-Up has you covered!




One of the nation’s top collector car trade publications, Classic Car Round-Up is the premier flagship magazine for the ultimate car enthusiast. This title features classic and muscle cars, street rods, pickups and parts for sale. Includes stellar articles from a wonderful and diverse editorial staff including car show and auction coverage, market tips, industry news, some how-to’s and current car value information.



In 2024, we will publish 8 jam-packed Special Issues including: Cars of the 70s, Street Rod Round-Up, Chevy Trade Round-Up, Cars of the 60s, Muscle Car Round-Up, Ford & Mustang Round-Up, Cars of the 50s and Mopar Muscle Round-Up.  Each issue presents the Top 500 cars for sale and features never-before-seen, award-winning articles covering the collector car world!

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