1946 Ford Deluxe Convertible

La Vergne, TN 37086
United States

1946 Ford
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Dressed in a matte black coat that absorbs light as if it was woven from the night sky itself, this 1946 Ford Deluxe Convertible, It's not just the paint that catches the eye, but the artful integration of modern flair with vintage soul. Frenched headlights with tri-bar blue-dot lenses, a deleted front bumper, and a grille blacked out like the ace of spades, all come together to craft a visage that's as menacing as it is mesmerizing. The convertible top, a canvas of midnight black, contrasts .....
sharply against the body, while the car sits proudly on 14" front and 15" rear artillery-style wheels, wrapped in P205/70R14 and P225/70R15 tires, respectively, anchoring it firmly to the present.

Inside, a custom blend of beige tweed and vinyl wraps the cabin, offering a tactile feast that beckons to the touch. Bucket seats welcome passengers with a promise of comfort as they embark on their journey. Amidst this carefully curated interior, a later GM column with tilt and a billet steering wheel command attention, complemented by Classic Instruments gauges that whisper tales of speed and adventure. A newer head unit equipped with Bluetooth, AUX, and USB connections, ensuring the rhythms of the past and present blend seamlessly as you cruise.

This isn't just a show pony. Under the hood lies a massive 502 cubic-inch big block V8, its chrome dress-up kit adding a dazzling touch to the engine bay, paired with a TH350 3-speed automatic transmission. Dual 4 Barrel Edelbrock 1404 carburetors sit atop, ready to feed the beast within. Though it may lack power steering, the presence of power disc and drum brakes ensure that control is never out of reach. Add to that a Chevrolet subframe and a rear axle boasting a 3.08 ratio, and you're looking at a ride that's as thrilling to command as it is to behold.


502 V8 Engine

TH350 3-Speed Automatic Transmission

Dual 4 Barrel Edelbrock 1404 Carburetors

Chevrolet Subframe

10 Bolt 3.08 Rear Axle

Power Disc Front Brakes

Matte Black Paint

14" Front, 15" Rear Wheels

P205/70R14 Front, P225/70R15 Rear Tires

Black Canvas Convertible Top

Frenched Headlights with Tri-Bar Blue-Dot Lenses

Blackout Grille

Custom Frenched Fog Lights

Shaved Door Handles

Frenched 1959 Caddy Taillights

Custom Frenched Trunk Lid

Beige Tweed and Vinyl Interior with Bucket Seats

Classic Instruments Gauges

Later GM Column with Tilt and Billet Steering Wheel

Newer Head Unit (Bluetooth, AUX, USB)

Billet Gauge Pod

Custom Under Dash Air Unit Wrapped in Tweed

Electronic Key Fob

This 1946 Ford Deluxe Convertible is the perfect blend of classic style and hot-rod attitude. With that rumbling big block, custom looks, and comfortable interior, it's the perfect cruiser for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Don't miss this one " Call today!

La Vergne TN 37086
United States
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