1953 Muntz Jet

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1953 Jet
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This 1953 Muntz Jet is an ultra-rare, ultra-collectible piece of automotive history. Few American automobile manufacturers have a story quite like the short-lived Muntz. The brainchild of the flamboyant radio and television manufacturer Earl "Madman" Muntz, the Muntz Jet's origin actually dates back to another eponymous automaker, Kurtis-Kraft, owned by and named for the legendary race-car designer Frank Kurtis. When Kurtis's production ended in 1950, after building a measly 36 cars, .....
Frank Kurtis sold his fledgling, Glendale, California-based company to the Madman for $200,000. See, Madman Muntz had become enamored with the idea of building his own line of passenger cars and so, with several modifications, the Kurtis Sport became the Muntz Jet in 1951. One of the big changes Muntz made to Kurtis's platform was that Muntz added approximately one and a half feet to the wheelbase which made room for a back seat. In addition, Muntz's first version was a 2-door hardtop, as opposed to Kurtis's 2-door roadster body style. Also, due to the extra weight, Muntz swapped out the Ford 239 Cubic Inch flathead V8 used by Kurtis replacing it instead with a Cadillac's 331 V8 that produced 160 horsepower. With those changes, Muntz set out to sell his $5,000 eponymous personal-luxury car, the Muntz Jet. In the years that followed, Muntz substituted a Lincoln-sourced V8 after he was (likely) cut-off by Cadillac, replaced the hardtop with a removable "Carson" top, and was able to get the MSRP down under $5,000, but just barely. However, the Muntz Jet failed to take-off from a sales perspective and Madman Muntz was losing thousands of dollars from his auto operation (with some saying that he lost over $1,000 on ever car sold). Muntz was a much better showman than a record-keeper so production figures of the Muntz Jet are fuzzy, but most peg total production from 1951-1954 at 394 units, of which 136 were built in the final two years, which makes this particular Jet quite a rare piece of automotive history. This particular Muntz comes to us from the large private collection of a prominent west coast collector who owned the car for nearly 25 years. Under the hood on this '53 Muntz Jet is a 317.5 Cubic Inch OHV Lincoln V8 engine paired with a single 2 barrel carburetor. The 317 Lincoln V8 is backed by a GM Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission that makes this Jet easy for anybody to take for a spin around the block. Exhaust exits the 317 V8 via a dual exhaust setup that creates a nice throaty sound out the rear. The black vinyl removable "Carson" top is in great condition and is included in the sale of this Muntz. The chrome and brightwork around the exterior of this sporty Muntz is nice shape and presents quite well. Riding on a set of wide whitewall bias-ply tires wrapped around steel wheels appointed with chrome beauty rings and chrome hubcaps, this 1953 Muntz has a truly classic look going down the road. The exterior of this Jet was refinished in an eye-catching Sunset Orange that completes the exterior look of the car. The interior of this Muntz Jet is charming! The front bucket seats and rear bench have been reupholstered in black sport-style vinyl, as are the door and side panels, center console, and padded dash. The black carpeting, steering wheel, and engine-turned instrument cluster are all in great shape as well. The instrument cluster is outfitted with a 120 MPH speedometer, 8,000 RPM tachometer, vacuum gauge, volt gauge, oil pressure gauge, temperature gauge, fuel gauge, and clock. Whether you're buying your first classic car or you're adding to your existing collection of rare automobiles, this 1953 Muntz Jet would be an excellent choice. Give us a call today at 763-428-7337!

*317.5 Cu. In. Lincoln V8
*Single 2 Barrel Carburetor
*Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission
*Same Owner for Over 20 Years
*Black Vinyl Removable "Carson" Top
*Southern History
*Believed to be 1 of 136 Produced
*Sunset Orange Exterior
*Black Vinyl Buckets w/ Center Console
*Wide Whitewalls w/ Baby Moon Chrome Hubcaps
*Padded Dash w/ Full Instrumentation
*Odometer Reads: 10,568 Miles
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Rogers MN 55374
United States
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