1962 Pontiac Grand Prix

Concord, NC 28027
United States

1962 Pontiac Grand Prix
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As John Glenn orbited the Earth in 1962, this 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix embarked on a revolution on the ground. Dressed in a mesmerizing metallic blue that mirrors the endless expanse of outer space, this Pontiac Grand Prix also features a secondary white hue. The car is nothing short of a captivating sight, rolling on 8-lug wheels, a coveted feature among enthusiasts, infusing an element of exclusivity.

The Grand Prix's white vinyl bucket seats feel like Glenn's Friendship 7 spacecraft .....
ready for launch. The interior, a sea of white with a well-fitted dash pad and exceptionally preserved original cluster gauges reflects the car's age with grace and dignity. The retro AM/FM/AUX stereo system serves as your modern connection to the world outside, much like the intricate communication systems of early spacecraft. The center console remains in very good condition, while the rarely used back seats suggest a history of careful and selective enjoyment.

Under the hood lies a 421 V8 engine, a powerhouse reminiscent of the mighty rockets that propelled astronauts into space. The tri-power setup, fine-tuned and ready to roar, is a spectacle of chrome air cleaners and Pontiac 421 valve covers. The engine bay is neat and well-maintained, ready to take on any mission. Accompanied by an H-pipe dual exhaust and a boxed trailing arm rear suspension with an added rear sway bar, this Grand Prix doesn't just ride; it glides with the grace and power of a vessel destined for the stars.


o 421 V8 Engine with Tri-Power

o 3 Speed Automatic TH400 Transmission

o Dual Exhaust with Dynomax Mufflers

o Power Steering

o Upgraded H-pipe dual exhaust

o Boxed trailing arm rear suspension

o Added rear sway bar

o Metallic Blue with White secondary color

o Pontiac 8-lug wheels

o White Vinyl Bucket Seats

o AM/FM/AUX Stereo System

o Original Cluster Gauges

o Notable Aesthetics with Vintage Performance Setup

The 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix captures the essence of a momentous year when America reached for the stars. This car stands out with its 421 V8 engine and a white vinyl cockpit that puts you in command. The striking metallic blue, retro AM/FM stereo, and the rumble of its mighty engine are just the beginning of what makes this car unique. Call today!

Concord NC 28027
United States
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