1963 Chevrolet Corvette Split Window Coupe

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1963 Chevrolet
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1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe DGC8499 VIN 30837S108499 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray coupe is in ""excellent"" condition, and has been used ""strictly for car shows and good-weather pleasure drives."" Under the hood is a ""L75""-code 300-horsepower 327-cu.in. V-8 engine. Powerglide automatic transmission. Factory-style knockoff wheels. Manufactured by KCM wheels to exact specifications of the original Kelsey Hayes turbine .....
wheels. You can read about these wheels in the photos. Manual steering and power-assisted drum brakes. Little explanation is needed for the classic 1963 Corvette Sting Ray and the dramatic styling of the iconic split-window coupe. It's rolling sculpture. The example offered here is in Ermine White over red leather. According to the last owner it is said to have been purchased in its current condition and is believed to be largely original, down to the 36,400 miles on the odometer. The details of previous restoration work are unknown. It is believed to be original, although a rebuild history is unknown. Carter aluminum four-barrel carburetor, the engine is said to ""start easily with a few pumps of the gas pedal,"" with no smoke and no leaks. The complementing two-speed automatic is also reported to ""shift perfectly."" The cooling system has been upgraded to include a thicker aluminum radiator and an electric fan. This Sting Ray's Ermine White paintwork matches the ""936"" code on the interior-mounted trim tag. The history of the paintwork is unknown, but the previous owner notes its condition as ""95 percent,"" with no blemishes and no reported swirl marks. The exterior trim and chrome, including the 1963-only aluminum simulated hood grilles, appear to be in very good condition, with no pitting in the chrome bumpers. The body lines and panel gaps also appear to be in very good shape. Dressed in red, this Corvette's cockpit casts a striking contrast to the white exterior. The previous owner reports the cabin is in ""excellent"" condition, with some age-related wear is evident in the seat covers, but no holes or rips. Additionally, the carpet and headliner are said to be in ""excellent"" condition, while the gauges are reported as functional. The same goes for the radio, which is a later cassette unit from Custom Autosound. There is some visible wear in some of the interior trim, along with a small crack visible in the wood-rimmed steering wheel, but the overall presentation of the interior seems very good. The previous owner asserts the suspension and chassis components are in good condition, with no known issues or needs, and have been maintained to stock specifications. No known rust in the chassis, either. Equipment includes manual steering and power-assisted drum brakes, both of which are said to work well. The car rolls on ""like-new"" radial tires mounted on factory-style knockoff wheels. The tires are said to be in ""excellent"" condition and show virtually all of their remaining tread, while the wheels are said to be in ""very good"" condition. This is an early Corvette as it has under seat storage for both seats. We have been very impressed with the overall condition. It looks almost new on the underside. I just pulled the wheels off so I would know whether they were the original Kelsey Hayes. I found out they are KMC wheels. I have been underneath this car enough to know that it is a frame off restoration. Lots of new nuts and bolts. Everything is in excellent condition. It looks beautiful.

If you go to our webpage, dragers.com you can see over 200 photos. But if you watch the video, you can see the underside very well. We also show it being driven down the freeway.

Below I went through the numbers for you so you could see that it is a matching numbers car according to all the data shown. I've been wanting a '63 split window for sometime and I found this one with the automatic in it as I don't care about shifting. I have driven it a little bit. I took it to one car show and won a trophy. This is a very early '63 split window Corvette. I've never seen one this early before, one of the big things it has pockets under the seats for more storage. You can't put a lot in that storage area. I'm not sure why they quit using that space. They had to change the floor pan mold to do away with it. Also, on the '63 early ones the console is just like a '62 Corvette console. I would highly recommend you have it inspected or come see it yourself.

Just for your information:

Dan Jubie just did a thorough inspection of this Corvette and if you would like a copy of it contact Dan and for $250 you can get a copy of the inspection and appraisal. Just so you know, Dan recently inspected 2 '63 Corvette split windows for someone else so he is knowledgeable on '63 Corvettes.

Dan Jubie
Email. djubie5.6@gmail.com

Trim 490 L red interior
Paint 936 A Ermine White

Engine Block matches the VIN tag. 3 0837 S 108499

The 3 indicates the year, 1963
Model series. 0837- Coupe
Vehicle Assembly Location. S " St. Louis, Missouri
Seventh thru Twelfth Digits 108499 the serial number

Engine # F 01 21 SD 3 108499
F. Flint plant
01 month built January
21 day build
SD 8 CYL 327 300 HP 10.5:1 COMP 5 BC AUTO

If you would like to make the drive to Burlington to see this vehicle I think you'd really enjoy seeing Drager's Clubhouse firsthand We have a lot of interesting things on display besides cars and trucks. We have 25 display cases full of all sorts of amazing things. We have 100 motorcycles on display. Most people tell us we are like a museum.

Call Andrew 206-533-9600 to set up a day and time to come see this vehicle

Seattle WA 98133
United States
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