1973 MG BGT

Concord, NC 28027
United States

1973 MG
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This 1973 MGB GT gets it right where it counts. It's a desirable chrome bumper coupe with a vibrant style and the look of solid investments everywhere. The result is a great-looking car that feels like an excellent cruiser.

We love the shade of yellow/orange on this car because a vibrant color like this seems appropriate. After all, these hatchback coupes had a bit more flair than the roadsters, thanks to the Pininfarina restyle. But beyond this Italian update is the British style we .....
all love. The sleek lines with just the right chrome give these earlier MGBs a confidently regal appearance like this one. The later cars trade in their chrome grille and chrome rear bumpers for black plastic units, so this one appreciates its history with well-maintained brightwork. This is a driver's car, so the finish is attractive but road-ready. And you can tell this is an overall quality car when you look at how well the panels line up and how the sweeping trim line runs unbroken over the whole profile. Plus, those upgraded alloys have the clean look of a car that wants to have fun on the road.

The black interior has a clean and complete style that's quite inviting. Even the dash light still greets you when the door opens. Those familiar with the roadster will feel at home hopping into the GT. The entire inside envelops the driver like a second skin. The space between the three-spoke wheel and the shifter is exceptionally close for comfortable and quick performance. And they are both finished in wood for that ideal vintage feel. The driver gets a set of Smiths gauges, including a handy tach. The black vinyl bucket seats look especially nice, and what makes the GT distinctive is behind these. There is a rear seat for a true 2+2 experience, and the hatchback gives you genuine luggage space and versatility that the roadster never could. So while the interior is too nice for us to suggest you make Home Deport runs, we know you're considering packing a bit more into your weekend getaways.

The motor has the same clean look and good care throughout the car. It's not just the polished pieces like the head cover and air grabber. This is tidy and fresh, right down to the wires and hoses. This has even received the right upgrades, like a Weber carburetor and a Cannon intake. It makes for a strong powerhouse that reaffirms this is a true driver's car. There's a confident feeling from the driver's seat thanks to front disc brakes and modern touring tires. So this coupe has the kind of style that begs for the open road, and that's precisely what an MGB GT is all about. The sound of the motor, the slickness of the four-speed gearbox, and the nimble handling will make it your favorite classic.

This is a distinctive coupe far rarer than its roadster siblings, and it has the investments to ensure it outshines them everywhere. Call now!

Concord NC 28027
United States
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