1929 Du Pont Speedster

Tad Burness
From 1919 to 1932, Du Pont built high-quality automobiles for those who could afford them. Before 1928, Du Pont's products were comparatively unassuming in appearance, with little changes from year to year. But at the end of the 1920s, styling at last triumphed, and the new Model G's were the crowning achievement of a line that had progressed alphabetically, starting with the Model A of 1919-1920.
Automotive writers were enthusiastic about Du Pont's redesigned Model G's. The only exception was this illustrated speedster (aka roadster), which some thought freakish with its peculiar wing-like combination of front and rear fender that seemed to "float" alongside the body, not to mention the weird "cat's eye" streamlined Wood-lite headlamps (found on a few exotic cars and available as extras for anyone wanting them installed).
During the 1920s, Du Pont upgraded from four to six cylinders, then to the mighty straight-8, a Continental engine that was modified for an additional 15 horsepower.
Unfortunately, these classics were victims of the Depression, and as the situation grew bleaker, it was decided that production should cease in January 1932.
Celebrities who chose Du Pont automobiles included Mary Pickford (who bought one for her husband, Douglas Fairbanks), Jack Dempsey, Will Rogers and others.
Though always an uncommon sight on the highways, a few Du Ponts have survived and are now making the car show circuits.
Through the years, the spelling of this marque's name has varied between Du Pont and Dupont.
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