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What Is The History Of Leonard Oil Company?
At a time when production in the state amounted to about 37,000 barrels of oil a day, Leonard’s Durban #1 discovery well daily produced an astounding daily figure of 3,594 barrels of oil. J. Walter Leonard suddenly had more oil than he could sell.
History Of The White And Bagley Oil Co.
Well, it's the start of a new year and this month I thought I would do a history report on my favorite oil company in the hobby, the White and Bagley Oil Co., or better known as Oilzum.
Tanker Truck History
Tank trucks began to appear in the United States in 1910. Standard Oil companies including Conoco were foremost among the early users, but other refiners were soon persuaded to purchase their own fleets.
Dublin Gas Show
Hello and welcome to another great show for the collector. This year’s show, held in Dublin, OH, was the third time I went and “oh boy,” was it a good show.
History Of The Gas Pump
Here is the second installment of the gas pumps article I hope it was informative and gave some insight to the development of the gas pump and its origin.
History Of The Gas Pump
For this month I will shed some light on the gas pump and its history. The gas pump has been around for decades. Its creator was a man named Sylvanus F. Bowser.
Cities Service History
Henry Latham Doherty formed the Cities Service Company on September 2, 1910. A New York based holding company, it derived income from dividends generated by stock held in subsidiary corporations.
The History Of Texaco
Texaco’s history is often confused with that of the Indian Refining Company, which The Texas Company bought in 1931.
Michigan Gas Show
Another great season of gas shows is underway and I'm kicking mine off with a local gas show in Ottawa Lake, MI. This is a great show where everyone can find something.
Different Types of Collectible Grease Cans
Grease cans are great for entry level collectors. They’re plentiful, small, and relatively inexpensive.
A Glimpse Into My Garage
Hello everyone. This month’s article is a glimpse into my shop and my garage.
Kalamazoo Swap Meet
In February, Scooter and I went to the Kalamazoo Fairgrounds for the KAARC auto parts and memorabilia swap meet.
Car Companies And Automotive Fluids
Hello once again readers. This month I'm going to talk about the specific fluids that car companies made for their cars.
Chicagoland Petroleum And Advertising Show
So on October 19 I went to Peotone, IL for the fall Chicagoland Petroleum and Advertising Show.
Check The Oil Gas Show
I've gone to yet another great gas bash and loaded up some amazing finds at "The Big Friendly" gas show presented by Check The Oil (CTO) magazine.
Service Attendants
The service attendant, was not only a welcoming smile and a friendly face but he was also that one person that you could trust to tell you what would be the best thing for your car and your pocketbook.
Ad Glass For Pump Restorations
So for this month let’s talk about ad glass. The ad glass is the glass insert on top of the pump. The insert should not be confused with the globe.
Porcelain Pump Plates
Hello. For this month’s article, I have chosen to write about the porcelain pump plates. These used to show the brand of fuel the customer was buying.
Small Things in Petroliana
Back in the old days, most of the gas and oil companies gave out many different kinds of freebies or promotional items to a lot of their customers, kind of like an incentive to ensure that they would return.
Gulf Oil Company
Gulf Oil Company started in 1909 and are still around today, many of you may see them and go to their stations but around here I only know of one gulf oil change place.
License Plate Toppers
So many of these license plate toppers were created for gas and car companies and there is a lot of them out there to talk about so let's talk about two.
Gas Pump Nozzle History
So we all know the way that a nozzle works and the design isn’t much different then when they were first designed. There are a few different styles however.
Check The Oil Gas Show 2017
Check The Oil Magazine is under new ownership and this year’s show located at Dublin, OH on June 23, 2017 was another great show even with the rain. I thought the new crew did a fantastic job and look forward to next year.
Michigan Gas Show 2017
The Michigan Gas Show was held on May 14, 2017 at Ottawa Lake, MI. This year there was a good amount of different things, mostly signs but lots of other stuff as well.
History of Pure Oil Company
Three companies operating in the United States have used the Pure Oil name. The first began as a group of independent oil refiners, producers, and pipeline operators, in Fall 1895 in Butler, PA.
Vintage Service Awards from Gas Companies
We all like to be recognized for our hard work and get some kind of physical item to show that hard work off. A lot of different industries did this, not just gas companies.