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1969 Mystery Mustang
The 1969 Mystery Mustang was an experimental concept car created to revitalize the Mustang brand. This "mystery" Mustang doesn't look like any 1969 Mustang ever offered to the public.
1927 Chevrolet Capitol Series AA
The 1927 Chevrolet Capitol Series AA might not look like "the most beautiful Chevrolet in Chevrolet history," but that was how the 1927 Chevy was advertised when new.
1973 Chevrolet Chevelle Laguna
In 1973, the Malibu was upstaged by a new Chevelle flagship series, the Laguna. Now the Laguna appeals to car collectors. Perhaps the most scarce is the 1973 three-seat wagon.
The 1940 Studebaker Champion
Studebaker's third low-priced car was the 1939-introduced Studebaker Champion, which bore the name Studebaker first and foremost after the board nixed the idea of naming it Champion only.
DeSoto’s First Year for the Popular “Powerflite” Automatic Transmission
Though DeSoto had semiautomatic Fluid Drive transmissions since the 1940s, Powerflite automatic transmissions were new for DeSoto in the 1954 models, which was a $189 option.
1933 1/2 Plymouth PD Deluxe
The 1933 model was Plymouth's first six-cylinder car, following four successful years of fours. The early-1933 PC Six was introduced Oct. 29, 1932, on the third anniversary of the fateful stock market crash.
1938 Cadillac V16
This beautiful fastback 1938 Cadillac was custom-crafted for William S. Knudsen, then-president of General Motors Corporation, at an undisclosed cost.
1963 Panther Sports Car
The Panther was available only in 1962 and 1963. Although there were two series (Standard and super-modified "M"), it is unknown just how many were sold during those two seasons.
1908 Franklin - Franklins Were Easy to Identify
Herbert H. Franklin was the founding father of the Franklin automobile; but credit also should be given to John Wilkinson - who built a four-cylinder, air-cooled horseless carriage that served as a prototype for the first Franklins.
1971 Matador
The 1971 Matador was available as a two-door hardtop, a four-door sedan, or a four-door wagon. The Matador was advertised as "a family car that can be glamorous."
1928 L and E Sport Coupe
The 1928 L and E Sport Coupe is one of the rarest cars to emerge from southern California in the 1920s. There are only six known complete cars today and no two of them are alike.
1949 1/2 Federal Utility Express Pickup
Federal was never a top seller among trucks, but it managed to remain a steadily producing small independent for 50 years. It entered worldwide markets until being absorbed by other companies, and then it was dropped unceremoniously.
The 1947 Dodge Heavy-Duty Truck
Style-wise, the 1947 Dodge heavy-duty conventional trucks resembled the 1947 Dodge pickups but were somewhat larger. This particular Dodge truck styling cycle had continued since 1939, with only minor changes.
Extremely Rare 1942 Ford Jeep History
There really was such a thing as a Ford Jeep during World War II. No kidding! The 1942 Ford Jeep is a carbon copy of the better-known Willys version.
1960 Rambler Six Custom
Then came the Rambler American, a small six on a compact 100-inch wheelbase, available in Deluxe, Super or Custom models.
1946 Chevrolet Pickup
This style of Chevy pickup (1941 to mid-1947) is a favorite of many truck collectors today, as well as of the millions of people who owned or rode in one during the past six and a half decades.
Early 1930 Chrysler 70 Boasted Many New Features
On Aug. 8, 1929, the early '30 Chryslers (66, 70, 77 and Imperial 80) made their debut.