Zyla's Pickup Report

Should You Change Your Oil Before Storing Classic Cars Away?
Should I change oil just before I store my collector vehicles or let them sit and then change when I use them for the new season? Also, do you use synthetics or regular oil in your cars?
Jeep History Finally Resolved
I deal with vintage Jeep and Jeep history on a daily basis, and I'd like to further update some of your article's notes. Explaining the history of the Willys/Ford/Bantam (Jeep) is very complex and gets confusing.
Model AA and Model BB Ford Difference
Ford replaced all of its Model A cars and model AA Trucks, which debuted in 1927, with the new B and BB models from 1932 to 1934s. The big trucks, meanwhile, always used the double letter nomenclature as opposed to the cars with the single letter.
Modern-Day Trucks, Collector Trucks and “Backyard Mechanic” Necessities
To summarize this column, today’s manufacturers really don’t want you doing your own mechanical work on your truck, especially with the extended warranties they offer.
Tioga Downs Casino Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show
This past September, a huge turnout showed up at the Tioga Downs Casino car, truck and motorcycle show.