How Can I Sell My 1956 Plymouth Savoy?

Greg Zyla
Q: Greg, I have a '56 Plymouth Savoy 4-door with a flathead 6-cylinder and just 84,081 miles.
It is turquoise and white and since my husband passed away in 2006, it is in a barn since covered up.
I saw your column in an Auto Round-Up my husband had here at the house, and that's my reason for writing to you.
I am asking $5,000 for it, and wonder if anyone would be interested. I hope it will not have to sit through another long, cold winter. My husband bought it from a person in Texas for $4,900 and it is in very good shape.
What is your opinion?
Thanks, Zellah, Clyde, N.Y. 
A: Zellah, first my condolences on the passing of your husband.
Second, take advantage of Auto Roundup’s free ad offer, and better yet, spend a few dollars and have the photo of your husband’s pride and joy appear in color.
Too bad he didn't have the time to have more fun with the Savoy, and as for that Plymouth in your barn, I have a soft spot as my dad had a 1955 Plymouth Savoy with a flathead 6-cylinder, light green, 4-door, which I loved. It was one of my dad's first truly good cars, which he bought in 1957. He had previously owned a 1940 Chevy business coupe (his first car) and then a 1950 Mercury with suicide style 4-doors and a flathead V8.
Currently, your 1956 Savoy is listed at $6,200 in number "2" condition, but please remember we are currently going through a downturn in the economy and prices paid for cars like your 1956 Plymouth are dropping.
Still, good luck to you and I hope you find a buyer. Run the ad and take advantage of the millions of eyes who see this publication.
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