How Much Is A 1959 Ford Galaxie Skyliner Convertible With A Retractable Hardtop Worth?

Greg Zyla
Q: Greg, I have a '59 Ford Galaxie Skyliner 2-door retractable hardtop convertible.
I’ve enjoyed your articles on the retractables. My car still needs some body work, but it’s solid and the paint is OK.
The engine runs fine, too. Can you give me an idea of its worth?
Tom, email from Pennsylvania.
A: Glad to, Tom. First, your '59 Skyliner retractable is indeed a unique piece and quite valuable.
Ford produced this special hardtop convertible in 1957 and 1958 as a Fairlane model and again in '59 in both the Fairlane 500 and Galaxie lines. All were called Skyliners.
The very least your car is worth $22,500, which is what a car like yours in its condition is probably worth.
However, if you want to consider a project that could turn out to be profitable, you might want to contact a professional restoration company or good body shop, because your retractable Galaxie is worth in the neighborhood of $52,000 in pristine condition.
If your ‘59 Skyliner is in the shape you say it is, I'd seriously consider looking at the prospect of fixing it up on a professional level if you can. But remember, we’re in the midst of an economic downturn, and some people just aren’t investing in classic cars right now.
Also, whatever a price book might say your car is worth ain’t necessarily so, because overall, classic car prices will fall, just like the stock market.
Good luck and thanks for the question.

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