How Much Is My 1967 Ford Mustang 6-Cylinder Worth?

Greg Zyla
Q: Hi Greg, I have a 1967 Mustang with a 6-cylinder engine. It needs some work  but looks good from 10-feet. I want to sell this car and have no idea on how much it is worth. How much is my 1967 Ford Mustang 6-cylinder worth? Could you give me some advice as I would appreciate it very much. Leroy Gonzales, Anchorage, Alaska.

A: Leroy, first and foremost you have a desirable Mustang, be it a 6-cylinder or a 289 V8. Granted, the V8s are more popular and bring more money, but today many enthusiasts that get their hands on a '67 in good shape won't shy away because of the smaller engine. Your 6-cylinder Mustang is listed in current NADA classic value books at a low of $5,180, average of $15,760 to a high of $21,360.

Had it been a 289 V8, pricing would go up to $7,446, $22,655 and $30,705, respectively. The top value is the 427/425 horse V8, which commands $10,683, $32,505 and $44,055, respectively.

If I were you, I wouldn't let my Mustang go for anything less than $12,500 as many retro hot rodders or drag racers buy these 6-cylinder cars, add new engines, transmissions and 9-inch Ford rears, and end up with $40,000 plus vehicles. Good luck and thanks for your question.
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