Kaiser Darrin With A Willys Knight Six Cylinder Engine

Greg Zyla
Q: Greg, I enjoyed your article on the Kaiser Darrin recently in Auto Round-Up, and want to let you know there was a Darrin in Mount Carmel, Pa., when I 12 back in 1958.
I knew the person who owned it, as his son and I were good friends.
I remember the car because it was a two-door sports car and the doors slid into the fenders.
The color was a bilious green/yellow. This one had the Willys Knight six-cylinder engine, but the car did not have wire wheels, just hubcaps.
I believe my friend, who now lives in Florida, still has the Darrin. Thought you'd be interested in hearing this little story!
Frank M., Mt. Carmel, Pa.
A: Frank, I'd love to hear if your friend still has the Darrin. Maybe he'd send us a photo! Thanks for your letter.

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