Reasons To Attend A Car Show

Jerry Sutherland
One of the best reasons for summer is a car show.
The opportunity to soak up an atmosphere filled with nostalgia, coolness, fulfilled car dreams, and even race fuel exhaust particles is an irresistible sensor buffet of sight, sound and smell.
A car show is a place where the past meets the present and the two of them get along very well every time.
The main stars are the rides and their best press agents are their owners. The owners usually have a great story about their four-wheeled stars and answer the “who-what-why-when-how” components of their vehicle’s history with them.
The stories are unique to each owner and vehicle. They usually take place over several years because the process behind a build is not easy or quick in most cases.
Some stories take place over several years simply because the vehicle has been with one family for several years, maybe even over multiple generations in some cases.
Most car shows can be an event where the beautiful mingle freely with the not-so-beautiful in terms of vehicles. An inclusive car show will extend a warm welcome to all vehicles from the past, not just the pretty ones, because beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder in the car hobby.
A car show is a perfect place to bring along the next generation of car guys and girls so they can see the magic of a bygone era in automotive history.
That young kid who cannot take his eyes off a classic hot rod may be the next Chip Foose because the car guy philosophy started with most of us when we were kids.
Every car show is a family-friendly place where there is always a positive atmosphere for people of all ages.
The common denominator is the car hobby and conversations are welcome because a car show is where the curious onlookers meet the proud owners.
Basically, a car show is like a small friendly town, even when they are held in a big city where people tend to keep their guard up with strangers. The car show is an ice-breaker because the participants are there for the right reasons and feel comfortable in a place with like-minded people.
Every car show brings out the best in people. One of the things car guys learn very quickly is the possibility their old ride will have an issue at some point on the road. It may mean some roadside assistance is required and offers to help will be extended very quickly by other car guys.
Their combined wealth of knowledge will solve the problem in most cases. If not, they are willing to offer a trailer to transport the stricken vehicle if the problem is too big for a quick fix.
We at MyStarCollectorCar attend a lot of car shows during the summer months and we always look forward to the atmosphere of a car show, almost as much as the vehicles.
We highly recommend you take some time to attend a few car shows this summer. 
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