Ringbrothers' Built 1969 Chevy Camaro

Mark C. Bach
Okay folks. If we are going to talk about cars from the 60's certainly a 1969 Chevy Camaro has to be on the list. And when you are talking about great car builders, Ringbrothers from Spring Green, Wisconsin floats to the top too. Put the two together and you end up with an epic build that won last year's SEMA Battle of the Builders.
At the Las Vegas show last November builders could enter their vehicles into the competition at the SEMA Show. Battle of the Builders (BOTB) has four categories and first whittles the field down from over 300 entries to ten builds in each of the four categories. Then they further reduce the field to twelve finalists and these remaining builders get to judge their competitors and a winner is crowned on the final night of the SEMA Show. Ring Brothers actually brought several builds to SEMA and we previously viewed their 1969 Ford Mustang (Classic Car Round-Up, February 2020)
Ringbrothers consist of Mike and Jim Ring along with a talented crew at their shop. I find it intriguing that they actually run a traditional collision and maintenance shop in the town and still find the time to toil away and create some awesome builds year after year. So the locals can brag that the had an oil change from Ringbrothers or even some body work on their Hyundai.But this Camaro is no garden variety Chevy.
Everything about the Camaro is screaming custom mod. Let's start with a Wegner LS3 motor using a 2.9 liter Whipple supercharger. (Note that these power boosting units are popping up everywhere. It was also installed on the 1965 Chevelle that is also in this issue). Slap in a six speed Tremec transmission and you are set to go. Detroit Speed brought over the chassis and suspension setup since nobody knows Camaro's like the folks at Detroit Speed and Engineering. That includes a four link suspension for the rear. Flowmaster Super 44 series mufflers makes it growl through a custom set of headers.To make this work the brothers widened the car five inches in the rear and three up front. To keep the balance right they shifted the front wheels 1½ inches forward.
The boys at Ringbrothers made a slew of custom parts for this Camaro, some of which are now showing up on their website for sale. After all once you perfect the 3D design and mill the part on a CNC machine why not offer it to others?
Take a look at this car while you can, as the buyer who commissioned this build is shipping it home to Belgium. Seems the folks on the other side of the pond know a sweet Camaro when they see one too!

©2020 Mark C. Bach
Photos courtesy of Ringbrothers.
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