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Mark C. Bach
It is fun to write about cars and trucks and share information with our readers. But do you ever wonder what happens to the cars AFTER we write about them? This month we will provide you some updates on some sweet rides that you may have read about in earlier issues.
e COPO Camaro - Chevy Trade Round-Up, Winter 2019 Issue
The eCOPO Camaro debuted at the 2018 SEMA Show and then we saw it again at the NHRA races here in Phoenix in 2019. The drag car offered 700 horsepower and 600 foot pounds of torque from two electric motors. It also used a three speed TH400 automatic instead of a more traditional two speed Powerglide. It did the full quarter mile in 9.51 seconds. Well the owners offered it for sale at the August, 2019 Russo and Steele auction in Monterrey, CA where it did not meet reserve. While many may argue that electric cars with instant on torque could be the future of all racing, this blue baby didn't draw enough amperage from the public. Probably not so much that people didn't want an electric drag car, but the fact that this is essentially a one -off dragster with many exotic, unique parts scared off too many buyers. It is not like you'd be able to run down to NAPA and grab these parts off the shelf. But I am sure it will end up changing hands soon, if it hasn't already.
1966 Boosted Bronco - Truck Round-Up, January 2020 and December 2017
This Bronco rode the coattails of the Bronco busting buyer boom and was at the SEMA 2017 show in the WD-40 booth. But rather than take it directly to auction, wiser heads decided to spend some more time and effort on it and made some artistic changes to the 4X4. They added a roll cage, a 5 inch lift kit, new fuel system and exhaust and an "old school" looking interior among other upgrades. WD-40 showed it off again with the revised look at their 2019 SEMA show booth and it was noticeably better.  It sold at an on-line auction site in January, 2020 and brought in $121,212 for charity. The on-line firm also donated their typical consignment fee of $5,000 (classy move) to add to the total.
Kookie Car - Classic Car Round-Up, September 2018
Norm Grabowski was the man when it came to Southern California rods and his ride was the ride for Kookie, the car valet on television series 77 Sunset Strip. Probably the most famous "T- bucket" of them all. Jim "Street" Skonzakes bought the car and took it on the show circuit and often made some mods to "freshen" it up. But like many collectors he locked it up and let it fall in to disrepair. But don't despair, it sold at the 2018 Indianapolis Mecum Auction for $484,000 and ended up in the fabled shop of Roy Brizio. Roy and crew laid hands on this relic and brought it out with full glory at the 2020 Grand National Roadster Show. It looked awesome and so nice to see a restoration done so well and so quickly.
Golden Sahara - Classic Car Round-Up, December 2018
Jim Skonzakes also owned this gold pearlescent custom that might fittingly be considered the first fully autonomous car as it could be controlled remotely and even earned a spot on the television show, "I've Got A Secret". The late George Barris built the car initially from a 1953 Lincoln. It too fell into more abuse then a teenager using a three on the tree transmission and sold at Mecum's Indianapolis auction 2018 auction for $385,000 The new owner, Klairmont Kollections, financed a full bore restoration and it was seen at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show and even had a new set of glow in the dark translucent Goodyear tires.
WD-40 Yellow 1967 Camaro - Classic Chevy Round-Up, February/March 2017
WD-40 typically sponsors a car in their booth at the SEMA Show and this one popped up at the 2016 Las Vegas extravaganza. This marked the 50th anniversary of the Camaro's debut. Normally the cars hit the circuit for a bit before being auctioned off for charity but once again, the smart guys at WD-40 recognized that the initial try left plenty of room for improvement. So with some help from the crew at the SEMA Garage, who volunteered their time to push the limits of the yellow 1969 Camaro, it showed up at the 2018 SEMA show on a pedestal. No literally it was on a rotating display for all to see near the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. It caught plenty of looks and was auctioned off at the 2019 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction where it raised $165,000 for charity.

1968 Bullitt Mustang - Ford and Mustang Round-Up, Fall 2018

In case you have been sleeping under the rock, you probably know that the Mustang sold recently. The owner unveiled the famed movie car and we caught up to it and the owner at the 2018 SEMA Show. After quite a bit of showmanship and riding the show circuit, the Ford was sold for $3,740,000 at the Florida 2020 Meccum auction.
Hope you enjoyed this update!
Photo credits - Goodyear Tires, Roy Brizio Street Rods, WD-40, Meccum Auctions and Klairmont Kollection

(c)2020 Mark C. Bach

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