Tioga Downs Casino Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show

Greg Zyla
Tioga Downs Casino Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show
It’s becoming pretty clear that trucks in all shapes and sizes are making a major dent in the turnout of vehicles that attend the yearly Tioga Downs Casino car, truck and motorcycle show. This past September, a huge turnout showed up for a day of fun-filled music, enthusiast bench racing, and collector car and truck good-natured “one-upmanship.”

Noticeable is that perhaps half of the trucks that made the scene are still pretty much stock, while other collector trucks feature modern day drivetrains thanks to the easier transformations that crate engines and transmissions offer the modern day hobbyist. From beautiful 1959 Ford F-100s to Chevy 3100s and Dodge Pickups, just about every type of pickup or panel wagon made the scene. Here are a few photos of some of the outstanding vehicles that attended the yearly .....