Top 10 Cars and Trucks from Goodguys 2017

Mark C. Bach
Top 10 Cars and Trucks from Goodguys 2017
The Goodguys Rod and Custom Association started up their show schedule in March. For 2018 they are having 19 shows across the nation and will end their season in Scottsdale, AZ.
I guess that's one benefit of having great weather during our "cooler" months. Goodguys has reached out to the "next-gen" rodders by now allowing cars earlier than 1987 to enter most shows. Good or bad, it is a recognition that not all of us can afford to own an older classic.

At their end of the year, 2017 show was the display of the Top Twelve. Throughout the year at various venues, they select twelve cars and trucks as vehicles "of the year." Then at Scottsdale, they try and get all twelve to show up. That allows me to check them all out at one time and see what trends are drawing the interest of builders and fans. Here are the winners. 
The Street Rod of the Year
A ‘32 Ford took home the honors for this award. It was built by Alan Johnson with a five-inch dropped front axle with disc brakes and quick change rear end. 450 HP comes out of a 312ci Ford Y block with a Hilborn injection set up. They chopped the top of course and massaged the rear wheel openings extensively. 
Street Machine of the Year
A killer yeller' ‘69 Camaro. How can you go wrong naming this Chevy as Street Machine of the Year? The Roadster Shop built this one, with an LT1 motor under the hood producing 680 HP. It came as a Camaro into the shop but the crew crafted a new hood, firewall, dash, cowl and rear spoiler. They did use their own chassis and even took it out on the autocross for the second fastest time of the meet, so guess it isn't just a "poser."
Hot Rod of the Year
The paint job on this Model A is certainly a throwback. A supercharged Hemi coaxes the truck along and the polished baby moons just pop out. Of course, they chopped and raked this baby and added big and little tires. A supercharger and two carbs added to the retro look. 
Street Rod d' Elegance
You might have seen the "Mulholland Speedster" in our coverage of SEMA in the February 2018 issue. It also was named "America's Most Beautiful Roadster" in Pomona and was built over six years by Troy Ladd. The grill is based on a ‘36 Packard but this is mainly a hand built machine. A Lincoln flathead used a set of Winfield carbs. Couldn’t get a picture of the chassis but it was shaped like a figure "8." A quick change rear end was also used. 
America's Most Beautiful Street Rod
This 1933 Ford previously won the Detroit Ridler Award so why wouldn’t Goodguys name it their winner too? A ‘33 Ford in name only, it was all handmade and crafted from aluminum and steel sheets. Independent front and rear suspensions allow for a smooth ride on this smooth looking roadster with the removable top. It used a 427ci engine from GM with aluminum block and heads. It also had an automatic 4L60 transmission. 
Custom of the Year
A gold 1957 Chevy Nomad that the owner had for thirty years was a great pick for custom. It was an EIGHT-year build with a new chassis and a chopped roof, which I don’t typically see on Nomads. An LS7 Corvette motor with a 4L80E automatic. They removed the bullets from the hood, raised the wheel openings and inserted bucket seats from a 2000 Monte Carlo. 
Custom Rod of the Year (36-72)
This winner previously won the Gran Turismo award at 2016's SEMA. The Ford 1951 Club Coupe was inspired by a friend's car that the owner admired. The stance and look came from removing a section from the middle of the car, a pretty intricate process. They pancaked the roof too and had independent rear suspension, with a Lincoln Y block and a modified Hilborn injection.
This award goes to the fastest car and driver combo at the "Duel in the Desert" Shootout. Winners of each autocross event staged by Goodguys over the year, come over to Scottsdale and that winner takes home the award. This 1967 Camaro was piloted by Robby Unser who transplanted in a rear end from a 2011 Camaro. Four-way adjustable shocks helped the road course handling and the power came from a 440ci GM engine with fuel injection. To handle the road courses it uses a Tremec T-56 transmission. 
Muscle Car of the Year (60-72)
This 1968 RS Camaro was a real Yenko and discovered in a barn in England. Unfortunately, the original engine was long gone but it now has an L72 427ci engine and Muncie 4 speed. It has a 12 bolt Posi rear end and looks stock. The red paint and black vinyl roof are a striking classic combo. 
Muscle Machine of the Year
It was a banner year for Camaros, including this blue 1971. They dropped in some fatter rear tires by narrowing the frame and inserted an LS9 Corvette ZR1 engine with a supercharger under the hood. Recaro bucket seats help the ride and the rear seats were deleted. It won a GM Design Award at the 2016 SEMA Show as well. 
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