What is the Difference Between the 1969 Chrysler 440 Engines and the 1969 Dodge 440 Engines?

Greg Zyla
Q: Greg, can you tell me the difference between the Chrysler 440 engines in 1969 and the Hi-Performance Roadrunner, GTX and R/T 440 engines from that year?
I am rebuilding a 1969 Plymouth Satellite that originally came with a 383 and have a chance to buy a 440 inch Chrysler engine that is rated at 375 horsepower from 1969. Thank you for your help and I enjoy reading about the old cars very much. I plan to make my 1969 Plymouth into a 440 Six Pack clone. A.J., from Washington State.
A: A.J., don’t hesitate if you have a chance to buy a rebuildable 440 Chrysler engine from 1967 through 1970, rated at either 375 or 350 horsepower.
The 375 horse engines were duplicates of the 440HP (High Performance) engines that came standard in the GTX and R/T series. The Six Packs, never available in the Chrysler line, came with the “3-2” setup, and delivered 390 horses starting in mid year 1969 in Roadrunner and Super Bee models.
Chrysler engines were called T.N.T., Dodge dubbed Magnum 440 and Plymouth labeled Super Commando. (The best heads came on the 1967 engine, with closed chamber heads and “915” the last three identification numbers). All 440HP engines were part of the “RB” (raised block) family of big blocks from Chrysler.
The ‘69 440’s featured a steel crankshaft, better rods, good open chamber heads (“906” last three numbers on part number) and an AFB 4-barrel carb. The letters “HP” will be stamped into the right front side just above the water pump area. If it says 440HP, it’s the good 375 or 350 horse motor. The 350 horse 440 had reduced horsepower thanks to a lower profile cam and more restrictive exhaust manifolds. Both the 350 and 440 were available on most all Chrysler passenger car models, but only the 350 horse version in wagons. The Imperials from also featured a 350 or 360 horse 440 RB engine those years, the 360 version coming with dual exhausts.
Since you are going to purchase what I determine to be a used engine, the 350 or 375 horse engines would be fine. With headers, a .30 overbore, new cam and a 10-1 compression pistons, it will go nicely with your Edelbrock Six Pack and triple Holleys.
Good luck in your plight, and don’t hesitate on the purchase of that engine if everything checks out.

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