What Would It Cost To Restore A 1968 Mercury Montego MX Convertible?

Greg Zyla
Q: Greg, I read your question and answer Crusin' articles in the Topeka Metro here in Kansas and enjoy all of your writings.
I have a question I hope you can answer. I own a 1968 Mercury Montego MX Convertible, the car is in decent shape, considering its age, but pretty much needs a top to bottom refurbishing.
Is this car worth the time and money it would take for such a restoration? Any help or advice you can provide would be much appreciated.
Thanks, David Carr, Topeka, Kansas.
A: David, a 1968 Mercury Montego MX Convertible currently books for about $3,800 in fair condition to $12,000 in show condition. That leaves a lot of leeway in there for you to ponder on, but first and foremost is the fact that this model will never be a top-dollar collector favorite (through no fault of your own).
The 1968 Monterey convertible, meanwhile, goes for as high as $23,000 in show condition, and is the most desirable of the non-Cougar 1968 Mercury models according to the information I use for pricing. (My favorite non-Cougar is the 1968 Cyclone GT, which lists for about $17,500 in fastback dress).
Incidentals on your Montego MX ragtop include only 3,248 models produced (in your favor), a 210-horse 302-V8 engine, and a $2,935 base price.
As for the '68 Mercury Cougar, some 427-V8 powered models go for over $50,000 and a 428 Cobra Jet will fetch upwards of $40,000. The other Cougars, including XR7's and GT 390's, do over $15,000 easily in good shape, and quite a bit more if fully restored.
In ending, if the Mercury ragtop were mine, I'd put a limit on how much I'd spend and, if the car has personal meaning, go for it. If not, sell it. Good luck, and thanks for the nice comments.

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